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PISJ Celebrate Iqbal Day
Report: Syeda Rakhshanda Kaukab

Feb. 2003
With reference to 125th birthday, the Government of Pakistan declared year 2002 as the ceremonial year of Allama Iqbal – the poet of the east. This provided the nation to revive and reaffirm the messages of the great thinker and scholar of Islam in particular and messenger of piece and harmony in general.
Accordingly, under the leadership of Principal Wing Commander (R), Mohammad Siddique, and Headmistress, Senior Girls Section (morning shift) Mrs. Salma Khan, the Urdu Literary Society, and the English Literary Society have together arranged a programme to celebrate “Iqbal Day” in the school.

The programme comprised of two segments,

1.       The English Speeches

2.       The Bait Bazi (Urdu)

Programme began with the recitation of Holy Qura’an by Nadia Mirza Ali, VIII-O (Surah Al-Anam verses 160 to -163), followed by its translation presented by Reham Sattar VII-B. Student Maryam Hamid VII-Q presented Naat-e-Rasool in her charming voice. Allama Iqbal’s famous song “Khudi Ka Sirre Nahan La-I-Laha Illallah was presented by Wardah Class VIII-C.

Urdu teacher, Mrs. Bint-ul Hasan delivered introductory speech and said that it is a privilege and pleasure to pay tribute to our great national leader, our national poet, Allama Iqbal. He is considered as a thinker, philosopher, and poet of Pakistani youth and old age.

Students Salwa Jamil and Asma Farooq were the Compares of the programme.

English Speech Segment, Classes V-VIII

Teachers, Miss Tasneem Zaman and Mrs. Rakhshanda Mahmood were the organizers. The topic of the speech was “Iqbal the Poet of Freedom and Learning’’.

The panel of judges consisting of Mrs. Robila Jamil, Mrs. Roshan Noor, and Mrs. Mabrook Shan declared the winners of this contest as under

1.       Abeer Hafeez                   VIII-B        Halima House          First

2.       Ayesha Akhtar                 VIII-C        Rabia House            Second

3.       Ammara  Humayun          VII-A         Fatima House          Third

Bait Bazi Segment, Classes IX-X

The event was organized by the teachers, Mrs. Shama Aziz and Mrs. Bintul Hasan.  

The panel of judges consisting of Mrs. Razia Habib, Mrs. Feroza Saeed, and Mrs. Zohra Yousuf announced the Team A with 46 points as the winner and Team B with 44 points as the runner. There were individual prizes reserved for best pronunciation, correct and timely delivery and distributed according to judgement among the following,

1.       Asma Jalwan                   IX-H          First

2.       Samaha Nawaz               X-A           Second

3.       Jaweria Abdul Rauf           X-D           Second

4.       Saba Riaz                       IX-H          Third

An extract from the speeches of various speakers are summarised hereunder.

Allama Iqbal’s name has passed into a legend and it has become “immortal” in the history of Indo-Pak in golden words. He is the most famous poet, thinker, reformer, philosopher and a great Muslim Scholar of all Pakistanis young and old alike.

Allama Iqbal was deeply worried with the deplorable conditions of Muslims in India, struggling hard to get independence from the western powers and to save them from falling into the prey of Hindu domination. He wrote inspiring poems to awaken the Muslim youths. He gave them the message to keep relation with their glorious past and should be able to foresee the hurdles of the future. He realized that the future of Muslims, their religion, culture and heritage is insecure under Hindu dominated India.

In his poetry, he seeks to re-mould the whole humankind. The philosophy of Allama Iqbal is, in fact, the philosophy of Islam, based on the Quran and Sunnah. The writings of Iqbal should not be treated simple words put together like crossword puzzles.

The most popular lesson given by Iqbal is the concept of “Khudi” which means ‘selfhood’, ‘Ego’, or ‘Individuality’. A society can make it unconquerable and may achieve a unique position in the international community, if it follows the truth explained in his book “BAL-E-JIBRIL” in the following words. 

Exalt thy ego so high that before determining the destiny,

God Himself will ask what thee want.

Headmistress Mrs. Salma Khan conveyed following message in her inspirational speech and said “now this is the duty of our teachers and scholars to learn the lesson given by Allama Iqbal in its true sense and pass on to the youths of new rising generation. It is possible in the most broad-minded spirit in order to develop in them an all-embracing humanism and a truly international outlook and stand united against the growth of narrowed political, racial, sectarian or geographical loyalties. Because all these evil thoughts and concept has divided the humanity, destroyed the international peace, distorted all the principles of justice and spoiled the human decency”.                                                




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