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Annual Sports Days Celebrations at PISJ (ES)
Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar
Regional Editor Western Region

1st March 2003
Pakistan International School, Jeddah (English Section) had the great pleasure to enjoy the Annual Sports Day.  The Boys Sports Day was held a day before the Girls Sports Day.
The chief guest for the Boys Sports day was H. E. Admiral (R) Aziz Ahmed Mirza – the Ambassador of Pakistan at Saudi Arabia. The guest of honours were H. E. Tahir Iqbal Butt -- the Consul General of Pakistan at Jeddah, Mr. Mansoor Ghazali – the Director of Foreign Education Western Region, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah from the Directorate of Makkah region, Mr. Saleem Nisar – the General Manager PIA for KSA & Yemen, Dr. Arshad Mahmood Kaisarani – the Chairman Board Of Directors PISJ (ES), Wing Commander (R) Mohammad Siddique – the Principal PISJ (Azizia) and Mr. Tariq Javed Malik the consul, Consulate general of Pakistan at Jeddah. The chief guest for the occasions for Girls Sports Day was Mrs. Nabila Tahir Butt – the wife of the Consul General of Pakistan at Jeddah. The guest of honour was Mrs. Kaisrani – the wife of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, PISJ (ES).
The events started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which followed the Naat (poetry that praises Prophet Muhammad {P.B.U.H}). After Flag Hoisting, the seniors sang the Saudi National Anthem and Pakistani National Anthem. Then, Mrs. Mehr Afroz Afridi – the Headmistress of PISJ (ES) delivered her speech. She highlighted the improvements of the school in the academic areas as well as the co-curricular activities. In her speech she said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and intellectual activity.” This means that a sport is important as it keeps the body healthy. The Headmistress also said, “Last year our sports day was a complete success. The girls’ aerobics was eye-catching and the boys Karate was marvellous.” Further, on towards the academic side she added, “I can say that the academics of our school are par excellence. Our school achieved 62 A’s and A*’s and the result was 100% for the IGCSE exams.” Finishing her speech she said, “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce un-common results and doing your best is more important than being the best.”
After the Headmistress’s speech, the seniors performed the March Past in four groups those were according to the Houses, that is, Unity, Faith, Loyalty, and Discipline. However, in the Boys Sports Day, the Marshal Ceremony held before the March Past. Then the girls of Grade 4 performed the welcome dance.
Hereafter started the main sports event that for the Girls Sports Day included Frog Race (YR-1), Kangaroo Race (YR-2) and Rabbit Race (YN). Then approached the Relay Race Competition among the Grade 1 followed by the three Legged Race between the juniors (Y4–Y6) and then between the seniors (Y7–10). Next arrived the Skipping Competition tracked with the Lemon Race involving, first the juniors (Y4–Y6) and then the seniors (Y7–10). The P.T. Display was the follow up program that was the most applauded by the crowd. Subsequently, came the Hula Hoop Competition, 100 metres Race between juniors and then between the seniors. Moreover, the last program of all was the spellbinding Gymnastics Display.
The participants were many and the audience – the invited mothers and the schoolteachers who encouraged them throughout. Among the participants were Momina Khan, Hurairah Shaffat, Alvina Ahmed, Hamnah Tahir, Wardah Zahid, Syeda Mehrunnisa, Warda Bukhari, Nadia Nadeem, Javeria Mujeeb, Madeeha Saleem, Hira Mobeen, Hiba Butt, Reesha Pervez, Maryam Javed, and Ayesha Baqir.
The chief guest awarded the winners with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.
Finally came the time for the Headmistress’s speech that praised the students for their great efforts. Thus, the day ended, for the Girls Sports Day, though.
Next day was the Boys Sports Day, which was as wonderful as the Girls Sports Day. How it began, has been already mentioned above. Therefore, it continued as below…
After the Welcome Dance, there were series of events, displays and demonstrations such as the Relay Race, first among Grade Y3 then between Grades Y4, Y5 and Y6, the Hundred-Meter Race among Grades Y4, Y5 and Y6, the One-legged Race between Y5 and Y6, the Three-legged race among Y4, Y5 and Y6. There were the Cricket demonstration, the Soft Ball demonstration, Javelin Throw, Discuss Throw and Short Putt. Then was the One-Legged Race between Grades Y7-Y10. Orderly approached the Three-legged Race amongst Y7 and Y8 and then along with Y9 and Y10. Kabadi Match and the Relay Race between Y7 and Y8 and then amid Y9, Y10 and The Hurdle Race and Karate Display followed Hundred Meter Races between Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y11. The Karate Display was the most spectacular and breath-taking program of the whole day, which included the sword fight, breaking the wood block with one’s hand, Defence moves and jumping, throw the Fire Ring.
The audience – the parents and the teachers encouraged all the participants. Among the participants were Ali Shar, Ahmad Naveed, Ali Bawa, Abdul Wahab, Shahnawaz Sheikh, Hamza Quresh, Awais Ausaf, Mohammad Saqib, Fahad Jameel, Ghassan Haleem, Farhan Bukhari, Mauz Butt, Abdul Moiz, Saad Agha, Bilal Tahir, Ehsan Ali and Mohammad Ijaz.
The Chief Guest awarded the winners with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
At the end was the Speech of the Chief Guest H. E. Admiral (R) Aziz Ahmed Mirza – the Ambassador of Pakistan at Saudi Arabia. He was delighted with performance and the organization of the programme. He said “They all were very interesting programs starting from the Welcome dance
and finally the display of the Martial Arts by the young and diving through the fire ring.  All of them were very impressive.” He congratulated all the staff and faculty for the successful Sports Day. Continuing in his speech, he said, “Winning, losing and achieving the top position is one thing but improving your performance is a great achievement”. He passed on good wishes to the faculty, staff and principle for achieving excellent results and said “The achievement of 62 A’s and A*s in the IGCSE is indeed very commendable”. Then he delivered following message,

     1.       To the teachers I would say, “You are all engaged in a very noble profession”.

     2.      To Parents I would say, “Part of the child’s education that includes forming his/her manners is done at home”.

       To the children I would say, "You are a very lucky generation. You have the best of facilities; you are lucky to have such organized institution. You have access to the media and have computers and Internets. You have televisions and all the latest facilities”.

The two students Hafiz Syed Ahmad Raza and Rizwan Liaquat have performed exceptionally well in the IGCSE; perhaps this is a record. Hafiz Syed Ahmad Raza secured 6A*s and 4As while Rizwan Liaquat secured 4A*s and 6As. Both appeared in 10 subjects.
 On behalf of the school administration H.E. Admiral (R) Aziz Ahmed Mirza announced the award of SR 3000.00 each for Hafiz Syed Ahmad Raza and Rizwan Liaquat.
The joint efforts of the all the teachers and the students and the great co-operation of, Mrs. Mehr Afroz Afridi – the Headmistress, Mrs. Al Baiz – the Deputy Headmistress of Junior School, and Mrs.Yasmin Sulaiman – the Deputy Headmistress of Senior School made the days

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