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My Beloved Pakistan

By Faiz al-Najdi (Riyadh, KSA)

The Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam  once said, “Remember that your      government is like your garden. Your garden flourishes  by the way  you  look  after  it and the efforts that you put  towards   its   improvement. Similarly, your  government   can   only   flourish  by  your patriotic, honest and constructive  efforts  to improve  it”; quote: Address at Islamia College, Peshawar; 12 April 1948.
This message by the late Quaid is very enlightening indeed and holds good for the present day as well. It appears as if  he  was  very  much alive amongst  us today (desperately watching all our present day wrong moves) and very  keen and concerned  to guide our way forward, like a father does to his toddler. While the Quaid earned this  abode for us we all must now do every thing, our own  mite  at  least, to preserve  it. Taking  stock  of  our  own  duties & obligations towards our Country is in fact one way  of doing that. And, according to the veteran politician & academic and  a  living  symbol  of  the  united  Pakistan 
Mahmud Ali (reference: article in The Concept, January 2003) for  self-stock-taking, it is imperative  to  impart  full  knowledge and understanding of the historical background of creation of Pakistan to all especially to the younger generation.
Rome was not built  in  a  day  so  was  our dear Pakistan. This is  very important to keep in mind for an insight of our history.
The journey to the present day Pakistan is very long, tiring & painful indeed. It perhaps began on the
30th of December 1906  when  the  foundation  stone  of All India Muslim League was laid  at  Dhaka, under   the  initiative   of   Nawab Salimullah Bahadur. But   in  fact Pakistan became an inevitable  reality on the 23rd March 1940  when  the  famous Pakistan Resolution was   passed   at   the   erstwhile  Minto Park  (now  known  as  Iqbal Park)   in  Lahore. This resolution demonstrated  the  unity  of  the  Muslims  and  their  unfettered resolve  to  achieve a separate  Home Land  for themselves.  It was the sheer  acumen  and imposing leadership of the Quaid & his  apostles  that  Pakistan  was  created; and  that  too  against  the  backdrop  of serious opposition  from the  Hindu Congress. This is  a  very  important  aspect  of the entire issue and is worth noting. Also equally important point to note is that the Pakistan Movement was entirely peaceful, by and large, and when the Hindu extremists saw Pakistan forthcoming, they resorted to violence that resulted in loss of millions of innocent lives.
23rd March thus enjoys a special position  in  our National history and is rightly named as the Pakistan Day.
But this important day  shouldn’t come  and  pass as
“another day”. We as a proud Nation of 14 million quality people should  always  keep  in  mind  that  we  are a brave and progressive Nation with countless effects to be proud of and that there is no need of despondency as such, at all. Pakistan has a especial and a respectable place in the comity of nations and in no way is like another under developed country  from Africa or Latin America.
We should therefore take pride in our  selves  especially  because  of the fact that we have one  of the
finest human resources who  have  left  good impressions all over the world. It is a fact that our Pakistani men & women  are  acknowledged  as  amongst  the best doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers  and  army  professionals  in  the  world. We  are  also  well  known  to  have produced  world renowned scientists  who  have  brought  laurels  &  glory  to  Pakistan. And, sports is another domain where  we have left a mark in the history. There was a time, not long ago, when we were the World Champions in four important  fields, namely: Cricket, Hockey, Squash and Snooker. Remember  my  dear  countrymen, this is  no  tiny an achievement for a small country like us. This alone is enough for us to be proud of our selves.
In addiion to all these mentioned  above, Allah almighty  has been very kind on us always. He rewarded us by giving us all  a  wonderful 
Home Land self sufficient in so many things. This country of  ours  is  gifted  with  a  large area of arable land  fit  for  agriculture which many countries in the world do not have. We have a large number of perennial rivers and one of the finest irrigation systems  in  the  entire  world. This allows us to produce a host of agricultural produces. We   are   one   of   the   leading   producers  of: Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Mangoes, Apples, Oranges, etc. There are  are  so  many  countries   in  the  world  who  only dream about all these. Besides the above, Allah almighty  has  also gifted  us  with  a dozen of natural resources, minerals  and  precious stones, like: Coal, Gypsum, Copper, Iron, Marbles, Gem Stones, to name a few. We are also  amongst  the  fortunate  few  who  have resources of Natural Gas and Petroleum
All these above qualify us  to  be  a 
gifted  nation  for  which we should always be grateful to Allah almighty. 
And, we would be failing in our  duties  if  we  will not endeavor to preserve this precious gift that Allah almighty has rewarded us with. The prequisite to this is to be
stop being ungrateful first, shun despondency and  make  a  solemn pledge to rise  above  all  petty issues and work hard, day and night, to reconstruct our wonderful Pakistan.
Trust you me, I live and work abroad and from outside here Pakistan looks so
unique, so very  great and so wonderful to  me  that  I  find  a  new-found love & liking  for  it, really, which I honestly would like  to  admit here, I didn’t quite  have  the  same feelings when I used to live inside Pakistan.

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