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H. E. Admiral (R) Abdulaziz Mirza – the Ambassador
Meets the staff, teachers, parents and the community
At Pakistan International School, Jeddah (Azizia)
Report By: Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

The School

School is a sacred place! Special care must be exercised in all deeds and actions at all levels, which subsequently affect the future generations. The amount of work, good moral character, devotion to duties and self-motivation are the essence of a personality. The conduct, the behavior and the moral character of teachers in general and controlling authorities and the management in particular should reflect the future core product that is the model passing out to new generations.

In modern world, the judgement of seniority should not be confused with the one that has passed a certain number of years in an organization without improving her/ his qualities and development of managerial skills. On the other hand, if one has the skill and capably demonstrated during her/ his relatively shorter period of existence in the organization is the real pearl.

The Motherly Institution

The Pakistan International School, Jeddah (Al-Azizia) is one of the most renowned and recognized name among educational institutions for the children of Pakistanis living abroad. This institution has been serving the community relentlessly – within its limited resources – and spreading the light of knowledge and wisdom for more than 40 years. The emitting rays of today from this motherly institution are the sparkling stars of tomorrow. These stars will be the doctors, engineers, professors, scholars, scientists and above all, better citizens. Their intelligence and awareness will illuminate the four corners of our beloved country Pakistan; the workmanship and technological advancement will distinct and marvel the name of the country among the nations of the world, God willing.

The Golden Era

The school has passed many excellent and horrific phases of destiny. Once, when the school had been under the control of devoted, sincere and talented educationists, they established solid administrative and academic foundations in such a professional manner that the school functioned smoothly for several decades. The credit goes to those well-wishers of Pakistani community of this region who had belonged to the Pakistan Embassy and the Consulate of Pakistan. The senior community members had equally supported the noble cause. May Allah bless them for their services for the Pakistani community of this region!

The General Atmosphere

There was a time when the school enjoyed the strength of over eleven thousand students. Classes were over-flowing with students. In some case, there were over sixty students in a class. The results were marvellous. The administration was hard working and friendly, and their doors remained open for the community as well as their own staff.
However, with the passage of time and change of personalities in the Embassy, the Consulate, and the administration, political motives, personal interests and lack of sincerity at all levels resulted in the decline of general academic standards of the school. The personalities who were the role model of sincerity, honesty and dignity, were pushed to the background.

The Board of Directors
According to a recent ruling of the Saudi Ministry of Education, all schools under the control of embassies must be managed by Board of Directors, duly elected by the parents. The community, which was depressed with the undue external interference in the day-to-day affairs of the school, welcomed the change. Consequently, an elected Board of Directors came into power. The community thought that this is end of their misfortune.
The board has enjoyed two years of independence with minimal external pressure from the community and other sectors.
Regret fully the overall analysis indicates the decline in administrative and managerial control.
Under the above circumstances, the grievances against the present management started pilling up. The community members, the fathers, the teaches and the well-wishers of school started to contact the Consulate General at Jeddah, the Embassy of Pakistan at Riyadh and in some cases the Prime-Minister of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan.

The Embassy/ Consulate
After the empowerment of the Board of Directors, the involvement of the Embassy/Consulate in school affairs vanished.
The school is passing through a very critical and crucial phase of its existence nowadays. The Board of Directors and the Principal have taken elementary decisions that have shattered the solid academic structure of the school.
According to the BOD, the school funds are reducing but the Principal (in a private meeting) says that funds are not a problem.
The funds of the school should be drawn according to the annual budget with the joint signatures of Principal, the member Board of Director and an Consulate General Pakistan.

The Ambassador
Finally, H.E. Abdulaziz Mirza, the Ambassador of Pakistan at Saudi Arabia, came forward and organized meeting with the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents and community members. For hours and hours, he patiently listens to them and assured that the steps are being taken to improve the quality of education and parent-teacher relationship. He also assured that the welfare of the teacher would be cared, the jobs will be secured and better teaching environment will be provided. Soon he will meet the managerial staff members of the school and board of directors in this regards. The Embassy will also hold the meetings with Ministry of education to facilitate the vagueness and/or the absence of set governing rules.
The community, appreciate the sincere and timely involvement of Embassy. May Allah guide us and bless us for the interest and zeal of the betterment of community (Ameen)

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