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PRC Paid Rich Tribute to Quaid-e-Azam
CP, Jeddah

(Jeddah December 17, 2003) Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) organized a function in VIP Hall of Local Restaurant on the occasion of 127th birth anniversary of   the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The function was presided by Veteran Pakistani Syed Ghazanfar Ali and the Chief Guest was Zahid Hussain a worker of the Quaid. Other guests and speakers included: Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar, Mohammad Ashfaque, Maqboolur Rahman Abbasi, Amir Mohammad Khan, Rauf Tahir, Asad Akram, Farhan Siddiqui and renowned Poets Abdul Qayyum Waseq, Mohsin Alavi, Zamurrad Saifi and AftabTurrabi. Consul General . Massod Akhtar could not attend the function due to his departure to Islamabad for the arrangement of SAARC conference. He extended his best wishes for   the success of   PRC function on Quaid-e-Azam. Another message read by Mahtab Ahmed was received from Dr.Ahmed Mohammad Ali, President of Islamic Development Bank who could not join  since hehad  to  be  out  of  Kingdom  on this day, also wished PRC for the success  of  the  function. The function was conducted by Hamid Islam Khan who also briefed on the achievement of Quaid.
Zahid Hussain mentioned his feeling of joining one of the meeting presided by Quaid-e-Azam in 1947 in
Lahore. He said that though he was small child he remembered the enthusiasm of the people their love and belief on the Quaid. He said that he had unanimous support of all the Muslims of the subcontinent.
Syed Ghazanfar Ali paid rich tribute to the founder of Pakistan and said that the only way to save the country is to adhere to his teaching of Unity, Faith and Discipline. He prayed for the country’s solidarity and integrity and solving the issues of Kashmir
and stranded Pakistanis.
Maqboolur Rahman Abbasi praised the character of Jinnah and said that the miracle of  
Pakistan was only possible due to his strong determination and leadership to the Muslims of India. He said that the Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh camps are symbol of Quaid’s mission and they must be rescued and be repatriated to Pakistan and be rewarded for their patriotism.
Syed Ashfaque Mazhar highlighted the strong character of the founder and said that he fought against multi-dimensional enemies e.g. the occupier Britishers, Hindus and their Muslim allies. He said that Quaid wanted to establish true Islamic state on the basis of Quran and Sunnah.
Amir Mohammad Khanm of Pakistani Journalists Forum said that we need to teach our new generation about Quaid-e-Azam’s statesmanship, dedication to the cause of Pakistan, belief and hard so that they would be able to transform Pakistan into his vision. He said that Patriotic Pakistanis should be repatriated to Pakistan.
Asad Akram, General Secretary of Pakistan Journalists Forum said  that after 56 years we  could not made Pakistan in accordance to Quaid-e-Azam’s ideology who wanted to make it an  Islamic, Democratic Welfare state but due to vested interest of our leaders and involvement of  military in the national politics.
Rauf Tahir said that this century did not produce leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan    was possible only with his leadership. He said that we could not follow his teaching after the creation of
Pakistan hence lost one wing in 1971. He said that that quarter million Patriotic   Pakistanis are living in very subhuman condition in the camps in Bangladesh as his he visited in 1998 and the situation now has worsened. He said that bydelaying their repatriation  we can  not  expect  Allah’s  blessing.  He  urged  the  authority  to  arrange  their  repatriation  and  rehabilitation  in  Pakistan  on  priority.
. Mohammad   Ashfaque  said   that   Allah  selects  few  talented  human being  to  lead  the  humanity  and  Mohammad  Ali  Jinnah  was  one  of  those  who  was  chosen  to  lead  the  Muslim  Ummah in  general   and   those  of   subcontinent  in  specific. We  have  now  bigger   Ummah  but  we  do   not  have  leader   like  him  to  lead. 
Ehsanul  Haque  in his  speech  said  that  Quaide  Azam  worked  on  the  dream  of  Allama  Iqbal  and  the   trust  of   Muslims  of   sub-continent   on  him.  However   we  could  not  save  Quaid’s  Pakistan   and  lost   half   of   the  country  in  1971.It  is  tragedy   that   till  today   we   could  not  give  them  their  right   of   Pakistani  citizens   for   which   they  sacrificed   everything.  He appreciated   the support of   Dr. Jawaid   Iqbal, Majeed   Nizami, Mahmood   Shaam, Athar   Hashmi   in   projecting  and  proposing   to  solve  the  issue  of   stranded   Pakistanis.
Farhan   Siddiqui   give  details  of  some  support   extended  to  the  stranded   Pakistanis  in  the  camps  of  Bangladesh  in  terms  of  medical  and  other  essentials  to   the  destitute  families. He  appealed  to  all  Pakistanis  to  extend  assistance  to  those  Patriotic  Pakistanis.
Renowned  poets  Zamurrad  Saifi, Mohsin  Alavi, Aftab  Turrabi  and  Abdul  Qayyum   Wasiq  paid  rich  tributes  to  Quaid-e-Azam

Following Resolutions were presented:

1. Government should   activate the Rabita Trust to restart the process of repatriation and   rehabilitation of Stranded Pakistanis. The issue should also be included in SAARC to discuss with   Bangladeshi Prime Minister. We also support the proposal of Dr. Jawaid Iqbal to include OIC also in  the Rabita Trust to expedite a solution to he issue.

2. Government should clarify the policy on Kashmir and the issue of plebiscite should also be included in the Agenda of Discussion with Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee during his presence in Islamabad for the SAARC conference.

3. We condemn the terrorists activity by some miscreants against President Musharraf and join  with the Prime Minister on the call for Thanksgiving and  prayer. 

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