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Unsurpassed Exhibition at PISJ (ES) Jeddah
By Syeda Mehrunnisa

May 2004 - The most outstanding exhibition that Pakistan International School (English Section) has seen was held on the 28th of April. Preparations for the exhibition had started three weeks before the actual event. The students were loaded with projects that they had to squeeze in between the homework, tests and quizzes. They were seen begging teachers not to give them the tests and praising those few teachers who did not give them the projects. They moaned and groaned but prepared the projects to the best of their abilities spending restless nights on them.
As the Final Day neared, a hustle and bustle started among the teachers as well as the students. The last week was of complete confusion. The students won free classes from the different subject teachers to put the last touch-ups to their several projects. The teachers ran around the school asking the students whether they needed any help and how much of the projects were left to be completed. Finally, the projects all completed, the students breathed a sigh of relief. However, the real turmoil for the teachers was now to come. The hundreds of projects prepared by the students needed to be arranged and at that – arranged systematically. The teachers looked up at the students for their help which they readily gave. All day long for the last day before the exhibition and the day of the exhibition itself the students worked side by side with the teachers. At last came the evening of the Exhibition. The students and their whole family were invited and so were the families of the teachers. The time for the exhibition to begin was 7'o clock. However the parents had started coming from 6:15 with the few students who were supposed to come early to give certain duties.
As the parents entered from the main gate and climbed up the slope, there were a few tables with the collection of all the stamps and coins of Pakistan that were used before partition and are used until now. This was the largest collection ever of the Pakistani coins and stamps outside the country amounting to more than 700. In addition, present in a glass case was the smallest Quran written in Maghribi writing and was printed in Cairo. Turning left the parents entered the main building, which is used to accommodate the classes of Junior School from Grade 1 until Grade 6.  
The gate was decorated by the largest projects of Grade 3 that were the exotic and colorful sceneries of beaches. Once inside, the walls, on either side, were decorated by beautiful cards and colorful papers (with their sides cut into cooking utensils), poems written on them and multicolored tins. On the table in front of the gate were painted and rich pots and plates made by the arts students of seniors as well as juniors. Turning without taking a further step towards the right side, the parents could take a look in the nursery and reception classes and admire the hard works of such young kids. There were different shapes that they had cut and pasted and also different pictures that they had colored. Their works were one really to be praised and their teachers deserved great merit for working so much with the babies of the school. 
Turning left from the main entrance room the parents enjoyed the different essays and poems and short descriptions by Grades 1 and one of the sections of Grade 2. The students had very artfully decorated their papers with colors and crayons. On the right hand side, after moving a few steps were a set of spiral steps beneath which the Juniors arts teacher had decorated with posters and charts with poems and pictures. Also were very creative jar and containers that were spray-painted in different shades. 
Moving ahead from the main gate, the parents then entered another room that wasn’t separated from the entrance. All along the walls was an assortment of projects prepared by the senior arts students that included striking bed sheet prints, wonderful mirror and glass paintings and other such items. In addition, were tables covered with arts projects so wonderful that one couldn’t remove their eyes from them. Further on was a corridor at the end of which was an art room that had been superbly decorated presenting the still life picture frames that had been skillfully oil-painted. 
Moving up the spiral stairs mentioned earlier, the parents were able to reach the rest of the junior classes. The steps themselves had been ornamented by ribbons. Reaching the first floor the parents entered into a completely imaginative world that the juniors had themselves prepared. There were tables that were loaded with ‘hooks’ (E.g. snake hooks and fish hooks that are the alphabets made to look like animals). Towards the left is a corridor that leads to Grade 3. This area had been embellished by a wide variety of things ranging from volcanoes to water cycles and from posters of “Currencies of the World” to “The different parts of the Flowers”. The students stood with their different projects explaining them to the parents as they came by and untiringly repeated the things as many times as they were asked for with astonishing confidence.  
Straight ahead of the stairs were Grade 4 and a section of Grade 2. The students of these classes had selected the topics from their course books and made a collection of models including forests and after-affects of volcanoes. These students were also standing with their projects speaking about them with utmost enthusiasm. Turning to the right of the stairs were the Grade 5 and Grade 6 classes that had made their own little world. One had made huge poster showing a city of Gold while the other had a large chart revealing the Discovery of Fossils. The classes had also been decorated accordingly with the posters, though the projects were form the course book. 
Those parents that chose not to climb the stairs went to the left of it that led them into a corridor which ended at the door of the Senior Science Lab. Every inch of the walls and the tables in the lab was filled with the science projects of the seniors. On one hand, were the models of the different systems of the human body while on the other were the representations of the different principles of Physics including Magnetism and Pulleys. The students that had come alongside their parents were pointing out their and their friends' projects. They beamed when their parents praised the hard work though made faces when told of things lacking.  
After looking about, some parents walked out the back door and entered the Senior Boys' Section where the projects of Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and Urdu were present. The Math's projects included models of "3-Dimensional Calculations", "Angles of Elevation and Depression", "The Bearings" and etcetera and how to use them in our daily lives. The Pakistan Studies project showed the Maps of Pakistan illustrating the Rivers, Doabs (land between Rivers), tourist attractions, and significant places of each province such as Sui Gas Pipelines and what not!!! Islamic Studies projects presented models of the Holy Kabah and Masjidul Haraam, Masjidun Nabawi (Prophet's {PBUH} Mosque) and the Sahah Sittah. For Urdu, however, there were only posters telling about the language or showing the poetry of the famous poets. 
The best subject's topic is yet to come! The Computer Exhibition was held in the Computer Lab that couldn't have looked less like it on that day. The Entrance was all decorated with silver stars and blue poster papers that were wrapped around the poles in strips as well as stuck on the walls. The Mind-Reading Machine was at the entrance and so were the Punch-Card and the Vending Machines. As the parents went in the room the whole scenario changed. There were the decoration lights as well as the Disco lights. The projector projected thanks from the computer teacher to all the parents on the white board. One student from each group that made the project stood with it to demonstrate it. Some of the models were the ATM Machine, The Greenhouse, and The Traffic Control System.  
The most attracting and special feature of this Exhibition were the stalls. There were bookstalls as well as food stalls, and a very special one was the stall of the magazine by Grade 9 girls that was named "The Blurb". The stalls area remained the most crowded throughout the Exhibition. Two special characters walking around the school were the Terminator and the Robot.
The Consulate General of Pakistan and his wife honored the school with a visit. He walked all around the school with the Principal, Mr. Esar Shah, Deputy Headmistress Senior School, Mrs. Yasmin Sulaiman and Deputy Headmistress Junior School, Mrs. Albaiz. He praised the students for their hard work and congratulated the school and teachers for making the exhibition a wonderful occasion.

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