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Pakistan represented at the Pavements Conference by Chairman National Highways Authority, General Farrukh Javed and Engr. Naheed Ghazanfar a woman engineer - Chairperson IEP, Islamabad

Aug: 18, 2005. (Belfast) The 4th International Symposium on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements and Technological is being held at Belfast - UK. This is the fourth conference in a series last one was held at Portugal.
Renowned scientists and engineers from all over the world have gathered to present solutions to the problems of pavements failure and to devise cost effective solutions by adopting optimal design of pavements. Engineers and academia from USA, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, and other countries have participated.
University of Ulster, Northern Ireland is the major sponsor of the event.  Further; the main organizers includes Eng. Waheed-uddin a Professor at University of Mississippi, USA and a graduate of NED Engineering University Karachi 1970 Group.
Pakistan is represented by two renowned engineers namely; General Farukh Javed, Chairman National Highways Authority, Pakistan and Engr. Mrs. Naheed Ghazanfar chairperson of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan, Islamabad Rawalpindi-Centre.
General Farukh Javed was the key note speaker in the third session held in the afternoon. He made an informative and intersecting presentation about the strategic role of Pakistan in the region and importance of highways viz a viz trade through land routes within South Asian and Central Asian Republic. He highlighted that without going through Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan Central Asian Republics cannot have trade and that most of the land locked countries of the central Asia have to travel through Pakistan to reach the warm waters of Arabian Sea. He stressed that with this objective in view and of course keeping in view the need and importance of land transportation for the four provinces of Pakistan, National Highways Authority has embarked on a gigantic program of upgrading and constructing new roads and Motorways. He stressed that the learned engineers from other parts of the World and especially international level designers and construction companies shall come forward to associate with Pakistan to meet this goal.

General Javed stressed that Pakistan needs to adopt modern construction techniques and introduce cost effective and efficient processes such as recycling materials of construction; reducing waste; and providing environmentally sound solutions. These he indicated will meet the demand of expanding trade and need of wider road networks.

The delegates found the presentation of the Chairman NHA very informative, and interesting.
Engr. Mrs. Naheed Ghazanfar highlighted the importance of technology transfer to developing countries and the vital need for research and development in developing countries. She invited all the engineers to join Institution of Engineers Pakistan to bring about a health association amongst Nations. She said that the engineering profession all over the world is same we use same stones, bitumen, and sand. Subsoil and soil is also the same, and then we must focus on the problems that give different results in developing and developed countries. The developed countries shall help and assist Pakistani engineers to devise quality and cost effective solutions. The delegates expressed that they will associate with Pakistani engineers and come forward with optimal solutions.
The delegates were also invited by the Lord Mayor of the City of Belfast in the evening. General Farrukh and Engr. Ghazanfar were introduced to the Lord Mayor as out standing engineers having traveled to such a long distance with a sole purpose of improving the quality of pavements and roads in Pakistan.
A dinner followed by a short after dinner speech by the Pakistani delegates was the highlight of the day.

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