Neck Pain A Common Problem 

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What are causing the symptoms?
When you are experiencing the pain in your hands, weaknes even walking difficulty, the source of problem can be right above your shoulders. Cervical spine disorders are varied according to there symptoms. Studies show that approximately 50% population has evidence of degenerative changes in spine above the age of 50.other cause is cervical spine disorders are poor posture trauma infection, tumor.

Numbness is very common and significant symptom of cervical neck disorder.  Numbness is usually caused by so called pinching of nerve by number of cervical disorder which blocks the nutrition going down to the nerves and lead to the stage where nerve stops working and this leads to numbness while the muscle function normally common cause is disc herniation when it blocks the nerve coming out in pine canal.  Another cause is disc degeneration bone spurs cause irritation and subsequently numbness.  Spinal canal diameter narrowing pinches the nerve causing numbness.

Any number of pain sensitive tissues within small area can cause pain (irritation, injury, inflammation, infection.)
When there is no obvious trauma or injury to spine, neck pain is have been caused by some activity i.e. awkward position, exertion, and emotional stress.

Shoulder, Arm or hand pain:
Pain originating in neck and felt in shoulder, arm, &hand is often caused by irritation of cervical nerve roots located in the intervertebral formina.  Which is made worse certain movements and posture such as Internet and computer access.  Pain due to disc herniation due to irritation of nerve root by traction, inflammation, and angulation.      

Neck head pain can originate in the muscles of the neck, which are often called tension headaches happen in the neck because of muscular contraction.

Weakness is not more common symptom of cervical spine disorder when present means relatively more severe cause and requires more investigations in depth Patient mainly suffers from inability to balance, weakness in arms, grip weakness, droping, breaking dishes, difficulty in eating.  Spinal canal narrowing is another cause of weakness. 


Mechanical Disorders


Inflammation &infection
Though inflammation are rare of cervical spine however, if the infection is left late to be diagnosed and treated it can well lead to pain and disability.  Inflammatory disorder in spine is arthritis.  Bone &joint infection is life-threatening crippling.  Immediate treatment can prevent permanent bone damage.

As result of natural wear &tear that occurs with ageing, certain part of cervical spine starts to degenerate, as we grow older. Pain that is resultant due to ageing degeneration is called degenerative arthritis. This type of pain can be due to loss of normal cartilage, herniated dics, and bony spurs pressing on nerve roots.  This can cause sharp neck pain, shoulder arm pain, numbness, and weakness.
Mechanical disorder due to disc prolepses is more difficult to treat. There may be associated factors with degeneration that should be dealt first rather than surgery such as stress etc.
Cervical spine injury occurs during motor vehicle accidents most commonly, rough sports or by falling on hard surface such as diving into swimming pool, this may lead from mild pain, to injuries that can cause permanent paralysis

Relatively uncommon.  Initial symptom with spine tumor is pain. 80% present with pain.  Pain that continues to get worse associated with fatigue, weight loss pain worse at night, numbness, weakness, and spasticity abnormal sensations.  Associated alteration in bowel habits, urinary loss of control. BEWARE of lumps, bumps, &moles on your skin.

Cigarette smoking
Unhealthy diet

Family history of breast cancers or ovarian


Complete physical examination
CT scan


Non-surgical Options

Non-Steroid Analgesics
Physical Therapy

urgical Options:

Cervical Discectomy

Cervical Discectomy with fusion

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