Even Some More Make Up Tips 
Reaserch by Sadia Hanif

For daytime application, the most it should take you to apply your make up should be 10 - 20 minutes. Hope some of the tips below will help. 


There are a couple of things to remember when applying eye make up. The skin around the eye area is one of the most sensitive. Always use products that are hypo-allergenic. When possible, try it out before buying, or if that is not convenient I recommend a product line that is guaranteed, so if for some reason you find it incompatible with your skin, you can return it for exchange of refund.Always use a base foundation. Whether it is a powder, liquid or concealer, you want to start off with an even base from which to work. 

Pencils, are great for highlighting and bringing attention to the eye area. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Less is better, you want to keep it subtle, so as not to draw too much attention to anyone area. One way you can achieve this is to make sure that you have a sharp end, minimizing the width drawn. Picking the right colour. Black is not the only colour available out there. For most women, it is the most suitable colour, although shades of brown can be just as appealing. For those that are far more fair, dark shades of blue can add a great dimension. One very important thing to remember is that eye pencils are not to be shared. That is where one can easily contract "pink eye". While it is not deadly, it can be painful and it sure is not great to look at. 

Shading. There are just a couple of tips to remember. Shading is almost an art form onto itself. If you are as not practiced, I would recommend that you follow these simple tips. Darker shading creates the illusion of depth, so if you are trying to bring out smaller eyes, stay far away from dark shades. Do not put the same colour on the entire eye. Most especially if you wear blue eye shadow. You don't want to look like Mimi Bobeck. Blue eye shadow should be used in small dosages and only on the lid. When shading you want to put the darkest colour on the lid and lighter shades as you approach the brow. Mascara. We have all seen the commercials about how we want to stay away from those that clump.