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Summer Make-up!
Net research by Sadia Hanif
Summer make-up should be light. Your skin should have a natural glow. Keep Foundation to a minimum, if possible just use some cover stick on the areas that really need coverage and apply a light oil-free moisturizer and work it in over your cover stick to give you a light natural glow.

Add a little mascara and a summer lipcolor like a coral or pink lipgloss. Don't forget to add a little color to your cheeks.
If you are pressed for time use the same color that you use on your lips on your cheeks.Dab a little color on your finger and brush lightly on your cheeks.

Summer Tresses

In the summer months anything goes.

If your hair is short put a little gel and some water in your hair and slick it back. Part the hair to one side to give it a sophisticated look.

If your hair is long you can add some gel and a frizz fighting product to the hair and let it dry naturally. You'll have nice ringlets that take no effort to achieve. Pull hair back in a sleek bun at the nape of your neck.Try not to over process your hair for summer. Minimal effort gives great results.

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