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By Engr. Iqbal A. Khan

A study shows that cold showers make your heart and lungs work more
efficiently, boost immunity and reduce risk of heart attacks.
A two-minute cold blast after a warm shower is all you need.

Families who own a dog or cat are less stressed and visit their
doctor less often than non-owners, according to reserchers at Cambridge
Pets make you optimistic and relaxed, which lowers your blood pressure.
Dogs give best results, but even a goldfish in a bowl will do the trick.

Tony Buzan,director of the Brain Trust, says exercising your mind with
hobbies such as chess and the crossword can make a huge difference to brain
power in old age.

Japanese research shows that men who drink green tea live longer
and suffer less lung cancer and strokes; Norwegian scientists say
that tea can lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Research by David Weeks, a clinical psychologist at Edinburgh
University, shows that believing in something spiritual - whether
nature, God or New Age therapy - is life enhancing, probably because it
makes you happier.

Researchers have found that women who jump or skip on the spot 50
times a day could live longer. It strenghtens the heart, guarding
against cardiovascular disease, and also increases bone density,
helping to ward off osteoporosis.

US psychologist Cecilia Hurwich found that the less materialistic
you are, the more likely you are to have a long, happy life.
Realising that money can't buy happiness and the super-rich
are statistically more likely to die young, makes you more optimistic
- a key factor in longevity.

Ten Secret Teachings for a Long Healthy Life

1) Less sugar... more fruits
2) Less eating... more chewing
3) Less meat... more vegetables
4) Less salt... more vinegar
5) Less dressing... more bathing
6) Less vehicles... more walking
7) Less worry... more sleep
8) Less anger... more smile
9) Less talking... more action
10) Less craving... more giving

Lead,follow or get out of the way...

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