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Bust Out The Stree
By Mohammad Ishaq Naseem Rana

The word stress has become very common in our daily life. You can find many people using this word. Let us see, what is the stress after all? In easy and comprehensible terms (non medical). Stress is a pressure, strain, anxiety, constant worry tension etc. It is no more secret that life-particularly modern day life is stressful due to many reasons. People in general at all levels face relentless pressure to get more done, in less time, with fewer or less resources, often while coping with insecurities at work. There might be other pressures. Any person who is under pressure may be prone to taking shortcuts that he would not do normally. Such shortcuts may lead to an accident and injuries. Most of the people are aware and fairly familiar with what triggers their stress. That's good if some one can recognize the common source of his stress and would be able to handle it with healthy way. Follow these guidelines to handle stress in a healthy way.

Take care of yourself

The following steps are the best stress buster of all, and with good reasons, they really work:

· Spare some time for you to relax. Calm yourself by closing your eyes and visualizing pleasant scene or event. If it gives you relief, stick to it.

· Make habit of eating healthy diet that is simple digestive and rich in vitamins. Avoiding caffeinated drinks and reducing fat intakes, you will simply feel better.

· Doctors always prescribe a light exercise to all age group people. The exercise is the best way to redirect unfocused energy and relieve tension. It gives you the opportunity to work through muscle tension and clear the mind.

· Make plans in advance; avoid major changes at eleventh hour that can trigger stress. For example if your family is expecting a baby, it is not wise to buy or change home. Sometimes these things cannot always be avoided, but it is important to maintain perspective.

· Get enough sleep to feel refreshed. Avoid watching too much TV and videos.

Relax and read something you feel good before sleep.

· Spill out, anything bothering you, talk to your trusted friends t. Tell them your problem they may help you to release your tension. 

Simple steps to control stress

Regardless of the source of stress, when one's stress level reaches a point where one cannot cope any more, following steps should be taken.

· Sit down and relax, take a deep breath and count to 10. Drinking little water will also help to control stress.

· Relax your muscles, if you find yourself entering a stressful environment that is getting angry. Maintain sense of humor; even in the negative situations help avoid stress build up.

· Try to avoid doing many things at the same time. Schedule your activities, prioritize them including family and personal time.

· If you have to do a major project or have a goal to achieve, break it down into smaller and manageable tasks. Make a habit of rewarding yourself for each accomplishment so that you can feel better.

· Delegate specific tasks and activities, where possible. Try to rotate some of the tasks to keep things interesting and enjoyable 

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