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News From Delaware Valley

Nasim Hassan - Hockessin, DE. USA


October 2001, The United States is undergoing a transformation that may have a great impact on all minorities including Muslims.  I say that because common American can not distinguish between Indian and a Pakistani, Sikh or a Muslim. Certain Muslims from Iran and Turkey have merged in the society that even their own people can not recognize them.  This is due to a lack of historical prejudices.  In this country, common people are most interested in sports and entertainment section of a newspaper.  A small percentage of Americans are very learned and they know more Islam and Islamic countries than Muslims.  
On September 30th, Islamic Society of Delaware invited Senators Joseph Biden and Tom Carper in the local Mosque.  Both of these senators had a very good grasp of Islamic perspective on the events of 11th September in New York City.  Senator Biden is a chairman of foreign relation committee and has been a great champion of human rights.  His stand on Bosnia is very well known and he is regarded a man of his word.  He does not hide behind diplomatic language and always speaks his mind.  He assured local Muslims that he will not stand by if civil liberties of any minority are taken away.  
Now let me narrate my first hand experience in the United States.  I have to admit that Americans are the best people in this World on a human level.  I am not saying that it is an ideal society where everything is perfect.  Perfection is ideal and only God Almighty is perfect.  However, common American has shown great compassion and concern for the victims of this great tragedy.  Although, there have been isolated incidences of violence in the USA, by and large it is a very peaceful country.  In Delaware, a policeman misbehaved with a local small business owner.  Police authorities immediately suspended that person and also apologized.  My children did not miss even a single day of school.  No one has questioned me about my religion.  On the contrary, a large number of neighbors have asked about the safety concerns of local Muslims.

is a big country.  There are a large number of ethnic groups living in various parts.  There is a small minority that considers white as superior to all other people of color.  These people, fortunately are in a minority.    In certain states there were some incidences of violence against Muslims.  The people who committed these crimes have been arrested.  Almost all politicians have come out very strongly against targeting local Muslims.
Lastly, Muslims all around the World have to project an image of tolerant, peaceful and compassionate people.  My understanding of Islam has taught me that innocent people must not be harmed or killed under any circumstances. 

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