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It's Red and Golden in Islamabad all around!

 ISLAMABAD, December 19 (Internews): What a glorious start to the day  these days it is in Islamabad, Pakistan's leafy, tree-lined, wide-boulevard federal capital.
 The sky is blue like in a nursery rhyme illustration, the air is streaked with wood-smoke, and the Margalla Hills that ring the city are in bright green focus. The greenery these days is no longer green  but a brown hued one. And how many browns!
 It is autumn season in Islamabad and red and golden shades are all around the city with browns dominating. The tree trunks wet with early morning dew are slick brown black. The grass is brown, so is the earth that is very visible under the winter grass.
 The piles of dry leaves rustling underfoot are also brown. But the grass is turning straw brown where yellow sun rays dry off the dew drops and the earth a powdery light brown.
The dry leaves, whether on the ground or still hanging on the wispy branches, are a wonderful mix of pink and deep red, yellow-mustard and orange. You would want to jump up and catch the blue sky, run through the length of the green belts, feeling the crunch of the leaves under foot.
You would also want to hold the rays of yellow sunshine that find  their way through the canopy and illuminate part of the undergrowth into a tableau of beetles and spiders and dust motes.
 There is a foreigner walking her dogs. The beauty of the morning is  visible in the spring in her walk. The dogs, going crazy by the plethora of interesting smells, want to rustle under a pile of dry leaves insisting that she hurry. She is happy to be tugged along.
Wary of the commotion the dogs are making, a squirrel climbs out of  her hollow, picks up something from near the root of the tree and after a tentative sniff or two clambers back hurriedly before the dogs  could catch her smell.A spider hangs from one end of a long wet string that catches and reflects the sunlight in a most magical way; and one has to go carefully around the swinging spider lest the delicate thread gets caught and broken.
 Lungs full of fresh air, eyes soothed by the green and blues and  browns of Mother Nature's palette, the morning stillness unbroken bywhooshing cars as yet, its good to alive. In Islamabad! -Internews

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