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Lubna M. Khan Sharjah

Feb. 2002 Nothing in this world is done just like that. There is always a reason for everything. Everyone in this world has his/her own individual personality. That is why everyone has different objectives and goals. But when many individuals join hands and work for a single goal and objective, then that makes the history and the world remembers them for their achievements. Such an example of a great achievement by the Muslims of sub-continent is Pakistan. Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947. It was the dream of Allama Iqbal. Iqbal gave the message of unity to the Indian Muslims. He awakened the sleeping nation. He made them realize that through unity and struggle they would be able to win Independence. Due to him, Muslims realized the fact that they are One Nation and should have a separate country for themselves. Quaid-e-Azam helped Muslims in struggling for an independent state for them and with great efforts; sacrifices and difficulties Pakistan appeared on the map of the World.


Our ancestors did their best to achieve their goal i.e. to get separate state for Muslims and they succeeded in achieving what they wanted. They sacrificed everything in order to achieve what they wanted. They considered life as a test of their abilities to face the difficulties and problems before them. They understood their National Ideology very well i.e. they needed a State, which is meant for Muslims, as they are a separate Nation. The establishment of Pakistan was and still a proof that Islamic Ideology is a living and dynamic force. Every handful of Pakistanís dust is colored with the blood of our ancestors. They had paid a very heavy price for our homeland. They did not care for their families, relatives, properties, lives, etc. They dreamed of a bright future for the coming generations. But they were not aware of the danger that coming generations do not have the spirit of sacrificing everything for their homeland.


We the younger generations call ourselves proud Pakistanis but what are we doing and what have we actually done for Pakistan? Itís really easy to say but difficult to act and follow. We say that we can do everything for our country like our ancestors did but at first we must analyze ourselves. We all run away from hardships and troubles. We are not ready to do anything for our country, which is our identity. At present, we live into this world peacefully and respectfully just because we have an identity. Otherwise, if there would not had been a country called Pakistan on the map of this world, then we would not have been able to relate ourselves to a country which is existing for Muslims. Our ancestors considered Pakistan as their home and nation as their family. Being, Muslims and Pakistanis love for Pakistan was in their blood. We also love Pakistan but not in the way that our elders did.


Now here is a need to wake and stand up for our country. Pakistan needs us and we need our homeland. We must work hard for its prosperity. It is a land whose every inch of soil is rich with our ancestorsí sweat and blood. Their bones are buried here. They have become and still are part of this land. We must try to be part of our homeland by serving it in every possible way without getting scared of hardships.


In todayís time, we donít want to be part of our land. We donít support our governments and other bodies for the purpose of betterment of our country. We go for discrimination on the basis of cast, color, creed and race. We donít consider others as Pakistanis but as Punjabis, Sindhis, Pukhtoons, Baluchis, etc. We feel proud to be part of a community rather being part of the entire nation. We love to be servant of money and so of other nations. We have completely forgotten the sacrifices of our ancestors who fought together as a nation and not on the basis of cast, color or creed. We donít want to learn anything from our past. But try to spend our lives as they pass by.

Can we just sit and think for a while what our ancestors have done for this country and what we are doing for the happiness, growth, prosperity and protection of this sacred and precious land.  We must unite to succeed. If we are united, then success welcomes us from all the doors. We all might be living in every part of this world, but our hopes, desires, wishes, and sacrifices should all go in one direction i.e. for the betterment of our beloved country and that should be our ultimate goal

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