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Engr. Iqbal A. Khan

Executives today are overloaded with strategies and tactics to solve every problem. While all that is preached is worth emulating, it is taxing to perform like a page out of a management textbook. It is, therefore, necessary that we shift through the plethora of suggestions and solutions and absorb only the essence .The following three virtues are the most important for an executive seeking success in the corporate jungle.

Competence indicates the ability to perform, as the situation demands. To scale the ladder of corporate hierarchy, competence is a must. While one can rule through authority, one can earn respect only if one has competence. We have not only to qualify academically, but also through training, from experience and by reading. Decision -making at the top level becomes easier if we possess the vital information and are aware of its implications through past experience and present knowledge of the subject.

Competence is necessary for the survival of a free, democratic society. Democracy means equal opportunity for all to grow with national progress. Individuals have to seize the opportunity. This can be done only if individuals are competent. In order to achieve excellence in the field of our choice, competence is the foundation on which dedication and hard work can create an empire of excellence.


It is not easy to maintain credibility in our dealings on a day-to-day basis. Credibility is based on one's performance, behavior, attitude etc. It is "to mean what we say and to do what we mean". Credibility is built up over a period of time. One's actions, judgments and reactions are based on sound principles and fair assessments. Executives, who enjoy the credibility of their peers and subordinates, can contribute to a greater extent as regards efficiency and productivity as it is easier to work with and under such people. Besides, because of their credibility, they will also be able to convince the top management of their genuine requirements for investment and expansion. This will help the organization to grow and prosper.
We often come across people whose signatures on documents are proof enough of its genuineness. Credibility thus encompasses other virtues like fairness, a principled approach to life, and honestly of purpose.


Research, innovation, re-engineering, value-analysis etc. are key words in today's industrial world. All these activities spell creativity.
Drastic improvements and cost reduction can be achieved only through an innovative, original approach. It is all about new methods and different processes, unconventional and innovative ideas to reach the same target, in less time, at lower costs. Education and experience warn us of impending pitfalls and produce results in a traditional manner. However, progress can be achieved only through a creative approach. Executives have to think of new ways of doing things, every time and all the time to achieve cost reduction, competitiveness, and all round excellence.
This 3-C approach of Competence, Credibility and Creativity is a surefire formula that guarantees a successful career.
Wish you a good luck.

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