Soft Drinks a Danger !!!
By Eng. Iqbal Ahmed Khan Al-Khobar KSA

We eastern people have been trapped by the western lifestyle and western
marketing euphoria.....
Do think of the information given below.
soft drinks, cigerrates ( cigerates which are being banned in almost all
public places like airports, airlines,etc in western world these days dont go farther at Bangkok airport and Kualalumpur airport there are
only small smoking room where you can smoke and other than that no where at such huge airports and people do honour the law.)
So read and think about the soft drinks to which we are very rapidly being
addicted leaving behind our own traditional and much nutritional drinks.
What we are gaining from these soft drinks?...........

Guess what's the pH for soft drink, e.g. Coke? pH 3.4!

This acidity is strong enough to Dissolve Teeth and Bones! Our human
body stops building bones at the age of about 30. After that,
it'll be dissolving about 8-18% of the bones each year from the urine,
depending on the acidity of food intake (acidity does not depend on
the taste of the food, but the ratio of potassium / calcium / magnesium etc. to (phosphorus).

All the dissolved calcium combination will be accumulated & composted
in the arteries, veins, skin, organs e.g. Affecting the kidney functioning (kidney stone).
Soft drinks do not have any nutrition value (in terms of vitamins
& minerals). It has high sugar content, carbonic acid, chemical e.g.
Coloring etc. Some like to take cold soft drinks after each meal,
guess what's the impact? Our body needs an optimum temperature of
37 deg. Celsius for Digesting enzymes functioning. The temperature of cold soft drinks is very much below 37 deg or even close to 0 deg Celsius. This will dilute the enzymes & stress the digesting system, the food taken will not be digested. In fact it will be fermented!
The fermented food produces gases, decays and becomes toxin, gets
absorbed by the intestine, circulates in the blood stream and is carried to the whole body. Hence toxin is accumulated in other parts of the body, developing into various diseases.
Think before you drink Coke/Pepsi (or any soft drinks) again. Have you
ever thought what you drink when you drink an aerated drink?
You gulp down Carbon Dioxide, whom nobody in the world would advise you
to drink Co2. Two months back, there was a competition in the Delhi
University -
"Who could drink more Cokes?" The winner drank 8 bottles and died on
the spot - too much CO2 in the blood.
Thereafter, the principal from the canteen banned all soft drinks! Did
you know that soft drinks use chemicals in them that cause immense harm
to you.
Someone put a broken tooth in a bottle of Pepsi and in 10 days -
it DISSOLVED! Can you believe it? Teeth and bones are the only human
organ that stays intact for years after death. Imagine what the drink must be doing to your soft intestines and stomach lining.
Next time when you drink a soft (killer) drink please think twice, your
love ones need you more then Soft drink companies.