Excuses Don’t Save Lives…..
Seat Belts Do
Research by Eng. Iqbal Khan

People make up all kinds of excuses not to wear seat belts, but none of them is valid. Here are some common excuses people make for not wearing seat belts:

I’m not driving far, so I don’t need to wear my seat belt.

I’m a good driver; I don’t have any accident record.

I don’t want to wrinkle my clothes.

I don’t want to be trapped in my car in case of a fire or rollover!

I can brace myself in the event of a collision.

I can do what I want in my car.


These excuses ignore the information available and the studies done on the effectiveness of seat belts.

According to scientific evidence, in studies done all over the world, properly worn seat belts dramatically reduce the risk of death or serious injury in motor vehicle accidents. Accident investigations have consistently shown that seat belts reduce the chance of death by more than half.

In laboratory-simulated collisions, research has shown that seat belts reduce injuries and save lives. In every type of collision, it’s not the impact of the vehicle that hurts or kills the occupant; it’s the impact of the occupant’s body slamming into the inside of the car. As the car crashes, the unbuckled occupant keeps traveling forward, hitting the dashboard or windshield, or sometimes being thrown completely out of the vehicle. Without a seat belt to support him, his chances of surviving the collision are cut in half.

If, however, the occupant is wearing a seat belt, the movement forward during a crash is minimized. Being secured by a seat belt helps the occupant take advantage of the car’s ability to absorb the energy of the collision. The force of the collision is distributed all over the car. Because the occupant is retrained by his seat belt, his body is protected from full destructive force of collision.

So why, when all facts and figures support seat belt use, do some people still refuse to wear them? It’s one of those mysteries that baffle people who know better. Perhaps if seat belts were very expensive and in short supply, they would be more desirable!

The good news is that excuses diminish as people learn more about the effectiveness of seat belts. Although it takes longer with some people, effective safety programs and information eventually help convince people to wear their seat belts.

Note: For adequate seat belt protection, it is important to minimize the slack in the shoulder harness of your seat belt. The shoulder strap should be comfortable but tight to the chest.

So forget about excuses……

Just remember that there are life saving reasons

Why seat belts should be worn!