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Pakistan International School, Jeddah (English Section)
Organizes Field Trip

By Syeda Mehrunnisa

(April 2003) On 19th March, Grade 7-3 and 8-3 from Pakistan International School, had the chance to visit the Jungle Land - a theme park – on their field trip. The area's real name is Marsel Village. As soon as I entered the park, I understood why it was called so. The whole place was just like a village. There were small huts and the show-houses seemed to be made of wood and straw. In fact the toilets were also blended with the rest of the houses. It was shocking to see the green trees all around in a desert country like Saudi Arab. One of my fellow classmate commented, "Could you believe it? They are real trees! I mean ... really … in the middle of a desert!"
After, entering the main park we all were spell bounded. All those rides in front of us were simply marvelous. First, my friends and I decided to go on the 'Safari Splash'. It is a chain of boats that slides down in the water. No wonder it is called SPLASH! We were all wet when we came out of it. Next, we went on the 'Roller Coaster' that is wicked fast. The coaster goes along the lengthy path, with all its bends and curves, in less than two minutes. After that ride, some of my friends were scared to death and one of them even started crying!
We went on to the Oil Pump, after a short break. The Oil Pump is something similar to a chain of seats that goes all the way upside down. (An advice to all who have future ideas to go in this ride is to take of your glasses and hold tightly onto the shoulder handles). Our next stop was a ride similar to a merry-go-round except that it went a bit in the air and was a group seats that spun quite fast. However, after this - quite babyish – ride we felt sick and so decided to take a ride in the haunted house with our teacher Miss Hanna. This proved to be childish though some screamed for fun. As soon as we got out Miss Hanna commented, "That was really kiddy!"
After taking a rest, we decided to go on the dodging car (MASAI MARA). This was relatively fun as all of us had many 'accidents'. As minutes passed, we took few other rides that included the 'Simulator'. This was somewhat similar to the Oil Pump. Apart from turning upside down, it went round and made us rather dizzy. It also went in different angles and we all screamed as the world above and below spinned. We went onto the Pirate Ship and most of us had our final rides on the Safari Splash. All of us enjoyed the Splash the most. When we reached the Three Dimensional Studio, we were all dripping wet. There we had a relaxing time, imagining ourselves passing through the maze to save the humanity from a bomb blast.
All the fun gave us an appetite. Therefore, for our lunch we went to the Jungle Land Café and had burger, french-fries and cold drinks. Some had ice cream too. Then most of us roamed around the village area. Few of my friends bought a few things from the shops as 'souvenirs' to remember their visit to the only Jungle in Saudi Arab! At last, we gave an unexpected visit to the Watani Superstores. There we all had ice cream from Mc Donald. Therefore, we had a tasty ending to our already wonderful trip.
When asked for their opinion many of my fellows replied, "It was really exciting!" and "I can't believe I had the courage to sit on the Oil Pump!" In fact, I would rather say, the rides are really challenging!

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