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An Eventful Vacation
Syeda Mehrunnisa
Funtimes Junior Reporter Class, 8
Pakistan International School, Jeddah (ES)

 Sept. 2002 - A long busy period of study was over. We felt relaxed as if a heavy load was lifted off. Our summer vacation had started. Every year our family makes a trip to Karachi, Pakistan, during this period, as we visit our grandmother and pass our festive time merrymaking with her and other relatives in Pakistan. This year she herself had come here a week before the vacation started, so we decided to stay back and enjoy the summer holidays in Kingdom.
My grandmother has always been a great company to all of us.  My sisters Amna and Fatima, my brother Ahmed and myself made lots of fun and amusement, throughout her one month stay with us. During the last week my aunt, uncle and their two sweet little daughters, Jayesha and Jovaria gave us a surprise visit from
Africa which greatly added to our pleasure.
After a week, passing exciting and joyful days, they all left for
Pakistan and we missed their company very much. Once again we felt too lonely so our parents brought us some books on Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling series from Jarir Book Stores. I along with my brother greatly enjoyed the magical and amazing world of Harry Potter. While reading I was so absorbed, I felt that a film or movie of all the characters was passing on the screen of my memory. These books proved to be a good friends of loneliness. The writer maintained suspense throughout, and one couldn’t just stop it as he would like to know further what would happen next. This curiosity kept us getting excited, going on reading the book until it finished.
My brother had another exciting option during the vacation. He used to go to
Crown Plaza almost daily to enjoy swimming and take part in other healthy exercises. For us sisters my father brought some English movies (e.g. ‘Mission to Mars’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’).
Occasionally, at evenings, we went to seaside and enjoyed the swings and walking along seaside. Often we went to supermarkets and play land centers such as Al-Hamra and Jamjoom. We, moreover, made a few trips to Makkah and Madina.
On the 23rd of July we went to Chuckey Cheese to rejoice and celebrate our brother’s birthday. That day we had great fun taking some rides and playing other computer games. The rest of the August, until 22nd of the month passed very slowly. While my mother, who is a teacher, did the housekeeping work, I baby sited my youngest sister, Fatima, which is an incredible pastime.
Then on 22nd of August the big day arrived. The Saudi Gazette reporter called to tell that my brother, Syed Ahmed Raza, has topped and  secured first position in the IGCSE at Pakistan International School (English Section) with 6A*’s and 4A’s. My mother burst into tears of happiness and started thanking Almighty Allah. I as well got truly thrilled and my joys knew no bound.
At evening we went to Marhaba Restaurant to enjoy a feast. This was the best day for the whole family. Soon after on 27th August my birthday arrived. At evening we celebrated the birthday. The other day we had a dinner at
Crown Plaza which was arranged by the manager of the Crown Plaza in the honor of my brother. That day it was the seafood night of the week end. We enjoyed the variety of tasteful seafood, fruits, and sweets. Thus, the vacation that I thought would be the worst turned out to be the best and unforgettable. 

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