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Me, My School, and the ‘O’ Level Results
Written by: Syed Ahmad Raza, Fun Times Junior Reporter, Pakistan International School (English Section) Jeddah

14th August 2002: Although it was the Pakistan’s Independence Day, but my anxiety of finding out the results kept me away from enjoying the day. I called at the school, to be answered by an operator:

“Have the ‘O’ Level results been received, yet?”

“No! They will not be here until the 22nd of the month.”

Seven more days to go before the results are known, before my destiny is known! The seemingly endless wait had to continue for seven more days. More than two months had already passed and my patience had bore enough.

22nd August 2002: I have been waiting in the admin office at the school, for the results to be announced.

The clock’s shorter arm hit the number eleven, commencing a pleasant music. I raised my head and looked out through the window into the fine daylight of a pleasant morning; still no sign of anyone coming to the office. Frustrated at not meeting the Deputy Head Mistress in the office, I walked up to the door, opened it, stepped out, turned around a corner and was surprised to hear her voice –

“Hello Ahmad!”

“Assalam-o-Alaikum”, I replied.

“Walaikum-Assalam, how are you?”

Drops of sweat visible on my forehead, fists clenched, body almost trembling with nervousness, and the palest look across my face must have told her how I was. With all my strength, I gathered courage and made a voice,

“What did I get?”

A smile spread across her face and she said,

“Your results are quite marvellous. You have achieved 6A*s and 4As.”

I felt as if a heavy load was lifted off me. My heart felt to be thundering up and down with joy, and I thanked Allah, the Almighty who had prized me with such an outstanding result.

Two hours later, the Deputy Head Mistress, Mrs. Waziruddin, was telling the news reporters that the top student, Hafiz Syed Ahmad Raza, has memorised the Quran, is an excellent debater, participates in sports, and is also a karate practitioner. When asked whom the credit goes for my achievement, I answered, “I am very grateful to Allah, Who has bestowed me with these exemplary results. It is also the combined effort of my parents and the teachers, as well as the prayers of my grand parents that have led me to accomplish these results”.


This year Pakistan International School (English Section) Jeddah achieved the best results so far in its four-year history. Five students achieved ICE Distinction Award from the University of Cambridge (which conducts the IGCSE/ GCE 'O' Level Examinations), including me, Rizwan Liaquat Ali Sher, Samera Murtaza, Maliha Ahmad, and Ahmad Shamim Khan.

The school accomplished cent per cent pass result as it has been attaining for the last three years. However, the difference this year is that the percentage of candidates with grades C or above in five or more subjects is 73, compared to 53 of last year.

The other top achievers after me are Rizwan Liaquat – 4A*s and 6As; Duaa Sayed – 5A*s and 3As; Samera Murtaza Aftab – 5A*s and 2As; Maliha Ahmad – 4A*s and 3As; Ahmad Khan – 5As; Nadir Toor – 1A* and 3As; and Reem Jawaid Khan – 4As. Some of you might already be familiar with Nadir – the cricketing hero – who leads his team Nadir Toor XI in local cricket matches in Jeddah. Mine and Rizwan’s results have been best ones anyone in our school ever achieved.

Three of the five school’s board of directors (BoD) present in the school on Thursday afternoon – when the results were announced – were all in high spirits. The Deputy Head Mistress, Mrs. Waziruddin also expressed her delight and contentment at the excellent results and said that; “Mrs. Mehr Afroze Afridi (the Head Mistress, who has been away for vacation) would certainly be pleased with the wonderful performance of the students”.

When Dr. Arshad Kaisrani – the chairman of the school’s BoD – was asked if he expected such good results, he said that, “Yes, I have always believed in these children, their abilities and their intelligence, and I was confident that they would attain exemplary scores”. When enquired of the reason why the school had excelled this year, he was all praise for the students and said, “The students themselves were exceptional. Without such intelligent students, the feat would not have been possible.”

Captain Aijaz Mahmood Khan – BoD secretary general and the Head of the Finance and Administration Committee – wholly agreed with Dr. Kaisrani, that the credit of the outstanding results goes to the students. He said, “My expectations from these students were always high, and they have proved themselves now, for which I am very grateful to them. It was they who set their aims and targets so high as to achieve this, and it was their self-motivation which took them all the way to success. Although, the collaboration of the teachers and the parents towards the welfare of the students was necessary, it comes down to the hard work and great efforts that the students had put in.”

Mr. Ahmad Zubair – member of BoD and the Finance and Administration Committee – expressed that there were high expectations from some individuals, but the overall result being so marvellous has come as a surprise for him. When asked to whom the credit goes for such an achievement, he replied, “Firstly, it’s the kids, then the parents and then the teachers – some of whom I know have worked really hard.”

Mrs. Waziruddin – who has been working tirelessly for the past several years to keep the upper school in order, and run it to perfection to provide the senior students with an ideal environment for academics, which is a good reason why the school results have been improving – said in regards to the extraordinary feat of the students, “I am very proud of the excellent performance exhibited by the students and thoroughly pleased with the results. Their academics, as well as extra-curricular activities, have been remarkable throughout. And such results could be expected only from them. It is also noteworthy that all our top students had been helped to every extent by our teachers, and thus, never needed the help of any out-of-school tutors.”

The students were all very satisfied, happy and contended that they had achieved what they aimed for, and hence, expressed their gratitude to Allah Subhanahu Wata’la for showering them with His blessings!

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