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Blessings of Ramadan
By Syeda Mehrunnisa, 13
Pakistan International School (ES)

Allah said in the Holy Qur’an:
“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may achieve Taqwa.” 

(Taqwa is translated sometimes as piety, sometimes as consciousness of Allah, sometimes as fear of Allah. It is derived from the word Wiqayah for “Shield” and scholars explain the connection: To shield you from Allah’s wrath by hurrying to do what He ordered you and by strictly avoiding what He has prohibited). 

Allah also says:

            “Fasting is exclusively for me and I will reward it.”  

Allah says:

            “And the smell of the fasting person is more pleasant to Allah than the smell of musk (fragrance). 

About blessings of fasting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

            “Saum (fasting) is a shield (or a screen or a shelter) from Hell-fire. 

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said:

·         “Whoever observed fasting in Ramadan with perfect faith and seeking reward, he will have his previous sins forgiven.”

·         “Whoever stood to pray (Tarawih) in Ramadan with perfect faith and seeking reward, he will have his previous sins forgiven.” 

In a version reported by Tirmidhi:
            “And a caller calls out: O you, who crave the good, come on! And O you, who crave the evil, abstain! And Allah has certain people he frees from the (Hell) Fire every night until Ramadan ends.” 

You should know, my fellow Muslims, that Allah has made fasting obligatory. Allah made fasting obligatory in the second year of Hijrah. It is an act of worship, and it has many benefits: 

·         Fasting gives the digestive organs a rest.

·         It causes the body to get rid of accumulated wastes that are detrimental to health.

·         It strengthens the body.

·         It is beneficial for the treatment of many diseases too.

·         It also presents opportunity for smokers to break their addiction since they cannot smoke during the day.

·         It is a good time to learn to control ourselves from bad deeds. (E.g. telling lies, backbiting, mocking, etc.).Fasting is training for the self, getting it used to good deeds, patience and sincerity.

·         The fasting person feels his equality with all his fasting brethren; he fasts with them and breaks fast with them, and he experiences the general Islamic unity, and he experiences hunger, which should make him sympathize with his brethren who are hungry and needy.

·         The night of Laila-tul-Qadr falls in the last ten nights of Ramadan and any worship on that night is equal to 1000 months of worship.

·         If you do Omrah in Ramadan, it is equal to do Hajj with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

·         When Ramadan starts, the doors of heaven are opened, and the doors of Hell are closed and the devils are chained up.

·         In addition, in another version: When Ramadan starts, the doors of paradise are opened.

·         Moreover, in other version: “The doors of mercy are opened.”  

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) says:
            “Whoever does not abstain from deceitful deeds and actions, Allah is not in need of him leaving his food and drink.”

In conclusion, I will request everyone to observe fasting and avail of the rewards of God and make a home in Jannah or Paradise.
May Allah bless all of us!


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