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By: Aleena Amjad, 9 - Pakistan International School, Riyadh

Hello, my name is Aleena Amjad. I study in Pakistan International School Riyadh. I am in class 4A. On the prize distribution day , when I got to school, the bell rang and we went to our classes. That day we had no assembly. We had our computer assessment and then in the second period we went to the assembly area. Our teacher called three girls to come and sit on the orange chairs, including me. Then Mrs. Shakil(our principal) called three more girls on the stage to do the Surah, English translation and Urdu translation. After that a girl told us about the history of this school, and she also said that this was the first prize distribution ceremony. Then Mrs. Shakil, Mrs. Maleeha and two more teachers were standing on the stage. One teacher called the names from Year 2-A, 'Asma Urooj'. She got a cup and a few certificates. Three more children got cups and certificates. A boy who got the highest percentage got a shield! Then it was my class's turn and they called my name! I couldn't believe it was like the best day of my life. I went up the stage and everybody clapped for me. Mrs. Maleeha gave me four certificates and Mrs. Shakil shook hands with me and gave me a cup! I was so happy. All my friends  gave me congratulations. Then it was my friend's turn to go on the stage, she got a cup and two certificates. Then two girls were sitting at the back, they didn't know they will get a prize and their name was called, they were so happy. Then they called children from other sections. And at last it was time to get the shield! And they called my name! First I thought it was somebody else's name but Mrs. Maleeha  called me and I went on the stage and I got the shield! I was the happiest girl in the whole wide world. When I came down everybody said well done, congratulations and good job. I couldn't wait to tell my mother. Then one girl, she got eight certificates, a cup and a shield! One boy he was so sensitive that when he got a cup, he started to cry with happiness and one girl from 'o' Levels, she got four A* and four A's, she got the best shield. When we got in the class, our teacher was so proud of us. I had a very nice day in school but when I got home my parents were so proud of me. Then my parents took my pictures with the shield and the certificates. Then I put my shield  on the TV so that everybody can see it.
And I think this would not have happened if Mrs.Nilofer was not my teacher last year. Thanks to Mrs.Nilofer and all the other teachers who helped me

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