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Friends, did you ever wish you could share with your Grand parents or loved ones, the essay that you sent in the newspaper, and it was published. Or you sent an essay in a competition, And you won.
Even when you wrote an essay for your class project and got a Star

You must be proud of it. Well, here is Contact Pakistan to help you to get your essay on line so your loved ones can read and appreciate how good are you in essay writing.  To be the first one, I'm posting one of my essays that I sent in a competition to win holidays "Still waiting for the results" though.

You can also send me your essays either by E-Mail or by post. I need your color picture and nicely hand written essay with a title. I will post your essay as soon as your turn comes. So keep an eye on the following list that would one day show your name and Title of your essay. Your essay will remain on line for ever but remember you must be a CPKC member.. Hurry up!

Author Age  Title
Naila Cheema 17 AUS students experience the real world
Bilal Qureshi 17 AUS students Study Trip to USA
Mona Rehman 17 Life - A poem
Aleena Amjad 9 Prize Distribution Ceremony of My School
Najiha Tareen 8 Ghost
Iqra Nadeem 8 My Dreams
Syeda Mehrunnisa 14 PISJ (English Section) Organizes Field Trip
Syeda Mehrunnisa 13 Founder of Pakistan
Syeda Mehrunnisa 13 Laylatul Qadr
Syed Ahmad Raza   The Man of Tolerance!
Usama Ahmed Khan 14 All about PIA - A class project
Syeda Mehrunnisa 13 The pen is mightier than the sword
Syeda Mehrunnisa 13 Blessings of Ramadan
Syeda Mehrunnisa 13 An Eventful Vacations
A Trip to Egypt 14 My Trip to Egypt
Syed Ahmad Raza 14 Me, My School, and the O Level Results
Salman 14 King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
Salman 14 Responsibilities of the student of the 21st century
Mahreen 10 Wildlife in Danger
Salman 13 My Little Brother
Mahreen 11 Skipper my pet or !
Fahad Malik 10 The Funny Cat
Zeeshan 13 I remember Eid
Farah Khan 11 Stop Pollution!
Javeria Zubairi 7 LOVE