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PTCL takes steps
for total reliability of internet system

ISLAMABAD, Oct 17 (NNI): PTCL is providing full circuit International Internet Bandwidth to the customers all over the country via the Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) on the STM-1 connectivity leased from SingTel via SMW3 System from Karachi to New York.

This service is in addition to the existing full circuit International Internet Bandwidth already being provided via SMW3 on customers demand from the Emirates Internet Exchange (EMX) UAE and Concert UK, said a release here Wednesday.

The existing services of International Internet Bandwidth via Intelast Satellite Earth Stations at Karachi and Islamabad also continues to be available on half circuit basis for the customers.

To make connectivity reliable through STM-1 some alternate routes via Internet Backbones have been arranged. EMIX 17.5 MB International IP Bandwidth is already connected to PIE. In case of fault condition on the SMW-3 Cable Segment from Djibouti to UK, this alternate Bandwidth shall remain available. However, in case of fault from Karachi to Djibouti segment, 7.5 MB Bandwidth via Satellite will be available.

An agreement to add 34 MB Symmetric Internet Bandwidth via Satellite has been concluded with Concert UK. The delivery of pertinent Satellite Modem equipment from Concert UK and the Bandwidth service is subject to travel normalization.

PTCL has also arranged to add International Internet Bandwidth from alternate sources e.g. EMIX, FLAG and Satellite Simplex down load proportionate to the Internet Bandwidth sales from PIE, thus providing reliable International Bandwidth for IP connectivity.

Arrangements have also been made in addition to the already available IPLC services to the customers through Satellite on half circuit basis. PTCL will also announce policy for large size Calls Center Operators to establish roof top V-Sat connectivity after obtaining approval from PTCL Board of Directors.

Pakistan Internet Exchange nodes at Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are interconnected in mesh configuration on the PTCL information super highway, presently 34 Mbits/s on National Optical System and 2 Mbits/s on the alternate Optical Fiber System. The Optical link is being expanded to provide another 34 Mbits/s mesh connectivity in November, 2001. For further PIE network resilience 5.5 MB International IP Satellite Bandwidth has been provided at Rawalpindi. --NNI

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