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India asked not to muddy the waters in and around Kashmir like a spoilt brat

ISLAMABAD, Oct 18 (NNI): Upset at world’s growing support to Pakistan as a coalition partner in fight against terrorism, frustrated India is indulging not only in bellicose utterances against Pakistan but is also wilfully disturbing the peace of the region by unwarranted attacks across the cease-fire line in occupied Kashmir.

Dr Ayyub Thakur president of World Kashmir Freedom Movement said that with Pakistan being given round-the-clock coverage by world media, including T V and Radio broadcasts, Indian irritation at being left out seems too much to be swallowed. That India is unable to attract much attention to itself, besides its instant offer of use of land, right to over-flights and intelligence-sharing to the United States in fight against terrorism, even before being asked, has been nagging the Indian leaders.

Thus in order that the world pays due attention to it, India has to do something which would. Indian occupied Kashmir comes handy for the despicable purpose. It is reported to have not only masterminded the killing of large numbers of civilians twice since the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, but it had even tried to stage the hijack of a domestic Indian flight, and when exposed in the bungled effort called it a security exercise. Having failed in all attempts to make the world take notice of it, India has timed an unwarranted attack by its armed forces across the cease-fire line in Indian occupied Kashmir to coincide with the visit of the US Secretary of State Colin Powell to Islamabad and New Delhi.

But, like the previous attempts, the latest Indian effort, has already drawn criticism from the quarter it had most wanted to impress. President Bush when asked about the Indian attack made it very plain of not letting anybody create diversion when the world coalition is engaged in war in Afghanistan. To many it amounted to warn India not to muddy the political waters in and around Kashmir like a spoilt brat. The declaration by the United States of Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen as terrorist organisations and clamp-down on their bank accounts while coming as music to Indian ears, the absence of other organisations from the US list of terrorist groups has been drawn long faces in New Delhi.

As much as India tries to make loud noises about terrorist groups particularly in occupied Kashmir, it camouflages its own terrorist groups under the fig-leaf of democracy. The fact that it is harbouring militant organisations of extreme right-wing Hindu religious groups within the fold of BJP - the major coalition partner governing India - is a plain truth. These organisations’ hatred of Indian minorities such as Christians, Sikhs and Muslims often erupts in killing of the members of the minority communities.

Besides, the BJP’s terrorist associates who practise a brand of Hindu superior and exclusive caste system detest and abhor the mass majority of Indian people who belong to low castes, called Dalits. New Delhi would do well to first get rid of its own Hindu extreme right-wing terrorist groups and put an end their despicable acts, before it hopes and expects that United States to declare terrorist groups according to Indian wishes.

Does New Delhi believe that while it relies on the United States and other powers across the world fighting war in Afghanistan to ban ‘terrorist groups’ close by, it would be able to ward off these powers, particularly the United States, from taking a more meaningful and profound look at the way India is conducting itself in occupied Kashmir?

Does it not realise that the world knows the major fault for what is happening in Kashmir lies with New Delhi for not honouring the UN resolutions on Kashmir which envisage that the political future of Kashmir has to be decided in a free and fair self-determination by the Kashmiris, and also that all that has happened in occupied Kashmir is largely due to the result of New Delhi’s long denial to implement UN resolutions? .--NNI

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