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Pakistanis turning against US: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (NNI): The Chief of Pakistan Therek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that people in the country are turning against the United States as their sympathies are shifting towards the people of Afghanistan.

In an interview here he said that when they see the pictures coming across of civilians casualties as a result of bombing in Afghanistan, it is having a really very adverse effect on public opinion.

To a question Imran khan said that there is public sympathy for General Musharraf’s position. But the worry is that when the moderate elements like the lawyers if they start supporting the extremists, then General Musharraf’s position is going to get very tough.

He said he has fears about the future happenings. He said that he was against the bombing of Afghanistan from the beginning and he thought that another course should have been taken and other things should have been exhausted before this should have happened. He also expressed the fear that such an action would result in more terrorism.

Imran said people in this country do not agree with the Taliban brand of Islam. He was of the view that if the United States had kept the war of nerves, rather than the war of bombs, there was a chance that the Taliban would collapse in from within.

Imran khan said there should have been pressure on the Taliban but without the bombing. He said it was very important to go on the moral high ground by producing concrete evidence in some international tribunals so that Osama bin Laden would not become a hero, which he is becoming very rapidly now.---NNI

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