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 Imran Khan suggests new veto-less UN, world court to end terrorism

 ISLAMABAD, October 25 (Internews): To put an end to terrorism in the
 world, the present United Nations and International Court of Justice
 should be replaced with a new organisation with all member states having
 equal votes and none having veto power, Pakistani politician Imran Khan
 has said.
 "By acting as judge, jury and executioner after September 11, the United
 States has put at stake not only itself but also peace and security all
 over the world," the chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf said in an
 interview Thursday.
 Imran Khan warned that if the United States does not stop attacks on
 Afghanistan, the menace of terrorism would grow rapidly.
 He said that if the root causes of terrorism such as injustice is not
 addressed, incidents like those of September 11 might be repeated in the
 United States and Britain, or wherever injustices are being done.
 "The world map has changed after September 11. The myth of the United
 States or any other country being impregnable has been broken. And where
 there is injustice or tyranny, a handful of people will disturb peaceful
 life by sacrificing their own lives," he said.
 The PTI chairman said that if the United States wants to eliminate
 terrorism on Earth, it must strengthen world institutions, not dominate
 or coerce them. He suggested that a world conference on terrorism be
 convened where all the countries define terrorism.
 "This should be followed by clearly differentiating between freedom
 struggle and state terrorism. Then an international law should be framed
 and the International Court of Justice should be reorganised so that it
 can settle global or international disputes.
 "If any country fails in implementation of the Court's decision, all the
 world states should play their role in action against it," he suggested.
 Imran Khan said that if the US attacks on Afghanistan are war against
 terrorism, then this war should have been fought in a conventional way
 but that the US had evolved a wrong strategy from day one. He termed it
 ironical that Afghan citizens and state were being punished for a crime,
 which they had not committed.
 The PTI chairman said that innocent people are being killed in the US
 bombing of Afghanistan and Washington is solely responsible for this
 human tragedy. He said if this war is not against Islam, then it might
 be asked whether the same action would have been taken if any Western
 state had been in place of Afghanistan.
 "Whenever the US kills Osama bin Laden, there will be a strong reaction
 throughout the Islamic world, including Pakistan," he predicted, warning
 that no one has anticipated the intensity of such a reaction until now.
 Imran Khan said that keeping in view the attitude of Western nations
 towards Muslims after September 11 incidents, it is clear that if Osama
 is killed, no American or European would be able to enter any Islamic
 "If the conflict between the Muslim and Western civilisations is to be
 averted, then justice must be delivered. The US must put an end to its
 law of the jungle that it is trying to implement through attacks on
 Afghanistan," he said.
 Responding to a question, Imran Khan said it seems that the United
 States did no planning for attack on Afghanistan, and the way it has
 entangled itself in Afghanistan shows that it has done so to cool down
 the rage within its own country.
 Announcing that his party would organise peace marches across the
 country to stop attacks on Afghanistan, Imran Khan said that instead of
 the Pakistan government, PTI would exert pressure on the US.
 He said that there would be a clear difference between the peace marches
 of PTI and protest demonstrations of other political parties.
 The PTI chief that his party is neither in favour of the Taliban nor it
 agrees with the policies of their government vis-Ó-vis Islam but this
 doesn't mean that it is in favour of removing Taliban by force and
 installing any other on the throne in Kabul.
 "When the groups that make up the Northern Alliance had assumed power in  Kabul, they resorted to genocide of innocent people, and when General
 Rashid Dostam took over Kabul, women were raped there. This resulted in
 the emergence of the Taliban, who locked their women behind veils and in
 houses," he pointed out.
 Imran Khan warned that if the US-Afghan war continued for six months,
 the economies of Pakistan as well as the US would be ruined. -Internews

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