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Pakistan presents resolution on nuclear peace at UN

 NEW YORK, October 26 (Internews): Pakistan has introduced a draft
 resolution on effective international arrangements to assure non-nuclear
 weapon states against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons,
 diplomats said here Friday.
 The resolution was presented in the First Committee of the UN General
 Assembly by Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram on behalf of Bangladesh,
 Colombia, Cuba, North Korea, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia,
 Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Pakistan.
 "The provision of security assurances to non-nuclear weapon states is an
 obligation which arises from the UN Charter, which obligates member
 states not to use or threaten to use force. This obligation extends to
 the non-use of and non-threat of use of any weapons including nuclear
 weapons," Munir said.
 This fact was underlined by the resolution of United Nations General
 Assembly, adopted at its first session, which declared to outlaw the
 nuclear weapons.
 The demand for security assurances was raised by the non-nuclear weapon
 states in the 1960s, and crystallised in 1968 during the concluding
 phase of the negotiations for the NPT [nuclear non-proliferation
 The response of the nuclear weapon states reflected in Resolution 255 of
 the Security Council was considered grossly inadequate by the
 non-nuclear weapon states.
 Munir reminded the Committee that at the first Special Session of the
 General Assembly on Disarmament, agreement was reached for the
 conclusion of an international instrument, which would provide binding
 and credible negative security assurances to the non-nuclear weapon
 However, the declarations made by the four of five nuclear-weapon states
 then and later and reflected in Resolution 984 of the Security Council,
 were also considered insufficient, qualified and partial by most of the
 non-nuclear weapon States.
 "At the end of the Cold War, there was a general expectation that it
 will become easier for nuclear weapon states to extend nuclear security
 assurances to non-nuclear weapon states. However, the situation, instead
 of becoming easier, had become more complex for several reasons," the
 Pakistani envoy said.
 With the indefinite extension of the NPT, he said, most nuclear weapon
 states had presumed the permanent right to retain nuclear weapons.
 "The conclusion of credible negative security assurances to non-nuclear
 weapon states has gained greater urgency. The co-sponsors of the draft
 resolution seek to underline and to operationalise this sense of
 urgency," he said.
 "It reaffirms the urgent need to reach an early agreement of effective
 international arrangements on negative security assurances. It notes
 with satisfaction that there is no objection in principle to the idea of
 an international convention on this subject," Munir said.
 It appeals to all states, especially the nuclear-weapon states, to work
 towards an early agreement and it recommends further intensification of
 efforts to evolve a common approach and a common formula on this issue,
 he added. -Internews

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