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Ex-US official admits that resisting occupation is not terrorism

AL-KHALIL Nov 3 (NNI): For the first time, a prominent former American official has recognized that armed Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation troops in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was legitimate and didn't constitute terrorism.
Edward Walker, the former Assistant-Secretary of State, said in an interview with the Palestinian daily, al Ayyam, published Saturday, that "we don't oppose resisting a military occupation, we are not against resistance against occupation forces, this, if you want, is a legitimate right in the international community."
Asked if he would make a distinction between resisting the Israelis inside 1948-occupied Palestine and in the territories occupied in 1967, Walker said "resistance must target soldiers not civilians."
"It seems to me that if you want to be a fighter and be ready to give your life, you will have to be ready to fight soldiers. This is what Hizbullah did. Hizbullah didn't achieve victory by killing civilians, but forced the Israelis to leave by hitting Israeli troops constantly."
Walker pointed out that "although Jewish settlers shouldn't be where they are, targeting them is not adequate."
Nevertheless, Walker ignored the fact that Israeli occupation soldiers and para-military Jewish terrorists murdered ten times as many Palestinian civilians as Palestinian guerillas killed Jewish civilians. He refused to call Zionist murder of Palestinian civilians "terrorism."
Walker's statements coincided with vitriolic anti-Palestinian statements by a Bush administration official (David Southerfield) in which he reportedly described the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation and apartheid as "campaign of terror." Palestinian official Ahmed Abdul Rahman condemned Southerfield's remarks.
"How could he call a stone or a bullet against the occupation army terror while ignoring the real terror by the tanks and the apache helicopter gunships" asked Rahman.ŚNNI

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