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Intellectuals Should Come Forward for National Solidarity and Integrity

Col. (r) S.K. Tressler


Islamabad, November 2, 2001.
Federal Minister for Culture & Tourism Col.« S.K. Tressler has said that we
can face the prevailing challenges by forging unity among our ranks. He
urged the intellectual community to come forward for national solidarity and
integrity. He was delivering Presidential address to a book launching
ceremony entitled "Triology Plus One" by eminent writer Col. « Dil Nawaz
Dil, held under the auspices of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts
and literary organization "daira", here today. Japanese Ambassador based in
Islamabad H.E. Mr. Sadaaki Numata was the chief guest. The others who
addressed the ceremony include author of the book Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil, Mr. Iftikhar Arif, Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi, Dr. Inam ul Haq Javed, Col. Ghulam
Sarwar, Sarwat Mohyuddin, Azimul Waqar Farhan and Ehsan Kibria address.
Addressing the launching ceremony Col. « S.K. Tressler said, the country is
facing manifold challenges presently and demand of the time is to create
unity among our ranks that would enable us to face the hardships in a proper
way. The government is striving hard, he said to put the country on the
track towards development despite crisis. He said, Japan is a friendly
country to Pakistan and that kind of poetry "Hyco" is taken from the
Japanese poetry. He asked the writers to create such literature that may
prove a source of friendship among various nations. He said, "I have old
relationship with Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil and that he had created poetry of a
unique style. He congratulated Col. Sahib on creation of the "Triology Plus
Japanese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Sadaaki Namata said, Pak-Japan friendly
relationship is strengthening with the passage of time. He said, poetic
collection by Col. Sahib will bring both the countries more closer on
literary level. We shall have to undertake steps for our own progress and
that there is no need to be impressed by the Western development, he added.
Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil said, the "Triology Plus One" is an outcome of 35
years labour in which poetic kind "Hyco" has been presented. He said, Hyco
is close to "Ghazal" in Urdu poetry. He hoped that his effort would bring
both the friendly countries closer.
Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi said, the writing style of Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil is
different and he has introduced new ideas and observations. He urged the
writers to play historical role in the present conditions.
Mr. Iftikhar Arif said, Col. Sahib has presented various kinds of poetry in
his book. His style of writing is simple and sonorous Mr. Azim-ul-Waqar Farhan said, the verses in "Triology Plus One" are simple and true and the readers feel pleasant astonishment. His poetry is mature and subtle.
Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javed said the poetry of Col. Sahib looks very close to
human life and leaves lasting impression on the readers.
Col. Ghulam Sarwar said, the book under consideration reflects problems and aspirations of the human beings. Ehsan Kibria said, Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil is among those poets to gave kind of poetry "Hyco" new dimensions.
Mr. Sarwat Mohyuddin said, the credit of introducing "Hyco" in poetry from
a new angle goes to Col. « Dil Nawaz Dil.
A large number of literacy figures and poets and leading personalities
attended the book launching ceremony.

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