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Coming visit of world's best-known dissenter excites Pakistan

 ISLAMABAD, November 5 (Internews): Noam Chomsky, one of America's most
 prominent dissidents, well-known for his long career of protest against
 US foreign policy - from the Vietnam War in the 1960s to the bombing of
 Yugoslavia in 1999 - is arriving in Pakistan to share his views about
 the contemporary situation.
 A renowned professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology, with more than 30 political books to his credit, Chomsky
 will express his views on "Terrorism and problems that beset the
 contemporary world," in a keenly awaited lecture on November 26 at
The lecture has been organised by Dawn newspaper in collaboration with
 the Eqbal Ahmed Foundation.
 Prof Chomsky, many think, is to the present generation what Ibn Rushd,
 Galileo, Descartes, Isaac Newton, and Bertrand Russell were to those of
 their times.
 Born in Philadelphia, Chomsky received his PhD from the University of
 Pennsylvania. He joined the faculty at MIT in 1955.
 Through a long series of books and articles beginning in 1957, he has
 dissected such issues as US interventionism in the developing world, the
 political economy of human rights and the propaganda role of the
 corporate media.
 Much interest has been built in the literary circles of Pakistan about
 Chomsky's visit. For many an intellectual anarchist, Chomsky is regarded
 as a strong proponent of individual freedoms who thinks it makes sense
 to seek out and identify structures of authority, hierarchy, and
 domination in every aspect of life, and to challenge them.
 Unless a justification for them can be given, Chomsky feels they are
 illegitimate, and should be dismantled to increase the scope of human
 Such views, which made Chomsky controversial for the brokers of status
 quo during the past fifty years, have been expounded in many books and
 articles, including On Power and Ideology (1987) and World Orders, Old
 and New (1994).
 To get an idea what the man stands for, Chomsky's views on Sept 11
 terrorist attacks are revealing enough how intellectual honesty is
 maintained in analysing contemporary situations by sailing against
 public opinion engineered by the powerful state structures.
 What many saw in terms of the wide powers given to FBI and CIA in the
 aftermath of the terrorist attack was an attack on the "Statute of
 Liberty" by US administration as predicted by Chomsky.
 The organisers have pulled a miracle in arranging the lecture in
 Pakistan, as the professor is booked for two solid years to deliver
 lectures. And, the lectures are not delivered to elite intellectuals
 only but they are mostly listened to by a popular audience.
 Despite worldwide acclaim of his intellect, interestingly enough Chomsky
 has been left out in a way by the US media, a fact that the professor
 himself acknowledges.
 Explaining the reason for this, Chomsky himself says: "Why should they
 offer space to somebody who's trying to undermine their power, and to
 expose what they do?"
 The lecture in Islamabad is expected to bring forth an interesting view
 of terrorism by Chomsky and how the war against terrorism will be
 successful in the contemporary situation. Listening to recipient of the
 1998 Japanese Kyoto Prize would be an eye-opener for many. -Internews

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