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Traditional Pakistani cuisine in demand in China

BEIJING, November 12 (Internews): Traditional Pakistani food is getting
 Chinese converts with an increasing number of people here relishing and
 wishing that it should be available in the local market.
 "If a chain of Pakistani traditional food is opened here, it could
 attract good business," an official of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and
 Economic Affairs was reported as saying in local media Monday.
 He said that China offers vast opportunities to the foreigners to set up
 food outlets and during a survey, it was observed that there is a
 growing trend among the Chinese community to enjoy a large variety of
 food provided by other nationalities.
 The food market, including hotels, restaurants, fast food and junk food
 business in China has jumped to over $30 billion a year in the recent
 Hundreds of fast food chains, like McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway,
 Domino and Popeye are spread all over China, appeared as most popular
 business centres.
 Many locals here who have tasted Pakistani food at various festivals and
 fairs believe that traditional Pakistani food such as pulao, biryani,
 karhai, shami kebab, seekh kebab, halwa puri, paay, samosa, kofta and
 lassi provide unique taste which could be equally popular here.
 "Besides this, traditional Pakistani confectionery items and sweet meats
 such as rus gulla, gulab jamun and barfee also have major potential to
 meet the liking of the locals," says Chinese journalist Tao Jee who has
 spent four years in Pakistan.
 According to an estimate, spicy food known as Asian or sub-continental
 food have a lot of attraction even for the people of other
 "Popular foodchains in Pakistan like Bundu Khan, Jehangir Balti,
 Usmania, Haleem Ghar, Ahmed, Nirala and Fresco can be really big in
 China," says another Chinese, Wang Xu, who works in the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.
 The Beijing municipal government has listed several commercial fields as
 priorities for overseas investment, including supermarket chains and
 shopping centres.
 Lu Yan, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commercial
 Committee, says foreign investment is welcomed in large multi-purpose
 shopping malls, large wholesale enterprises, specialised outlets and
 chain stores.
 Three large logistic zones outside central Beijing are to be established
 shortly and global commercial enterprises allowed to become involved in
 the operation and management of the zones. -Internews

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