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Sincere Efforts Being Made to Steer Country out of Tribulation - President

Islamabad, November 16, 2001.
President General Pervez Musharraf  Friday said the government was making sincere efforts to steer country out of current tribulation.  "It is our
utmost endeavour to safeguard country's interests from negative impacts of
current situation," he said in a message to the nation on the advent of
Ramazanul Mubarik. "Surrounded by grave national and international problems we are also striving to secure interests of Muslims in the region and the regional peace," the President said.  He said at present on one hand across our Western border the  campaign was continuing against terrorism and also making Pakistan to suffer, while on the other hand, the President said, our old foe appeared busy in preparing for adventurism against us through various excuses and tactics.
      Meanwhile, some extremist elements within the country were also
trying to involve the government in an unwanted confrontation, he added.
"But the government was whole heartedly busy in fighting out these
challenges and steer the country out these afflictions," President Musharraf
said. He however said, to guarantee the success of these
endeavours it is need of the hour that the whole nation, enriched with
religious spirit, demonstrates national cohesion. He said the holy month of
Ramazan will provide us an opportunity to fast during daytime and pray to
Allah during nights so that the Almighty bestows us the courage and
resolution to counter hardships and difficulties facing us.
The President congratulated the nation and the whole Ummah on the
commencement of Ramazanul Mubarak as the Almighty has once again provided us an occasion to benefit from benedictions of Ramazan. He said it is the respectable month and is not only called the month of Allah but also is the month during which Pakistani nation broke the shackles of colonial rule to
establish independent state for itself.  "Allah selected the sacred night of 27th Ramazanul Mubarak for Pakistan's independence," the Presidentsaid. In this context, where on one hand getting freedom during this month is a spiritual honour for the nation, he said, on the other hand it alsocarries message that  Pakistani society must be reflective of a sacrificing,
tolerant and poor loving society. "This is the message that the month of
Ramazan teaches us," the President added.
      He said praying to God during this month will be rewarded manifold
than praying during other days, Musharraf said. "This is the month when
prayers bear success. Muslims fast during whole of the month that also
teaches them patience and care for others," the President maintained.  The
President prayed to Allah to showers His benedictions on us and help us make
the country a cradle of peace and security.

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