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Pakistan claims rare technology to keep warplanes safe from Indian missiles

 LAHORE, Jan 3 (Internews): Pakistani aviation engineers have invented a
 technology with the help of which the country's aircraft and helicopters
 will become safe from Indian surface-to-air missiles, news reports
 claimed here Thursday.
 Urdu daily Ausaf quoted defence sources as telling it that at present
 only the United States, Israel and Britain have the technology.
 "With this technology, the Pakistani engineers have developed a chaft
 grenade - christened Salam - which makes aircraft and helicopters safe
 from missiles," the report said.
 "Missiles chase heat generated by the aircraft, but the temperature of a
 Salam grenade would be many times higher than the heat emitted by the
 aircraft; therefore, the grenade would make the missile ineffective," it
 The chaft grenade Salam can also be used for two purposes, according to
 defence sources.
 "It can be used as a hand grenade by infantry. If fired from an armoured
 personnel carrier, it would generate heat of 2,200 degree centigrade
 that would destroy big targets and tanks," one official said.
 According to the sources, for big targets like heavy artillery, two
 Salam grenades are fired simultaneously. It is like a rocket-launcher
 technology in which two Salam grenades can be fired from a barrel
 simultaneously. They generate heat of 3,500 degree centigrade and
 destroy even the heavy artillery of the enemy.
 According to the sources, by using this technology, the missile follows
 the heat emitted by the grenade instead of the aircraft and the aircraft
 remains safe from the missile.
 "India is aware of this capability of Pakistan, which is one reason why
 it is reluctant to attack because in the presence of this technology,
 the Pakistan Air Force would attain considerable superiority even in a
 conventional war," a senior defence official told Ausaf.
 According to the sources, a Salam grenade can be fired from unmanned
 spying aircraft called drones at an area of 14 miles by 1.5 miles.
 This would destroy all the tanks and armoured personnel carriers present
 in the area, whereas all the soldiers would be killed because of the
 high temperature.
 Sources say that these grenades have been tested for quite some time and
 they have been manufactured in large numbers.
 According to the sources, when the United States provided Cobra
 helicopter gunships to Pakistan, it had removed the chaft technology
 from them. Had these helicopters gone into the enemy area without this
 technology, they could have been targeted quite easily.
 According to the sources, the heat emitted by an aircraft is 700 to 800
 degrees centigrade, whereas the heat emitted by the chaft system is
 2,200 centigrade.
 "Pakistan has improved this system even more than the United States.
 With this system, Pakistan's aircraft would not only be safe from Indian
 missiles, but it has also increased the capability to attack with
 hundreds of aircraft at the same time," the source said.
 According to the sources, Pakistani aviation engineers have also
 developed the 'stealth technology' for unmanned spying aircraft named
 drones. At present, only the United States has this technology, whereas
 Russia has it in initial stages.
 By using this technology, even the most modern Indian radars will not be
 able to see these aircraft. In the presence of the stealth technology,
 this spying aircraft can be seen with eyes but not on radars. This has
 made it very easy to monitor enemy's movements.
 "With this technology, Pakistan has gained superiority over India, which
 is why it has restrained from initiating a war," the source said.


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