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European Union cuts import duty on Pakistani seafood

 KARACHI, Jan 4 (Internews): Ten European countries have cut import duty
 on seafood from Pakistan by 10 per cent each, a step exporters said here
 Friday will help boost seafood export as these states import about 50
 per cent of the country's entire seafood exports.
 "About all our major importing European countries have cut import duties
 on our seafood export from the Jan 1, 2002, as they pledged last month,"
 Hanif Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Seafood Industries Association,
  He informed after such action by these countries it was expected that
 the seafood export would get a boost, which like other exports, was
 impacted by Sept 11 events as all the seafood importers slashed prices
 of almost all the species.
 The countries that have cut the import duty include England, France,
 Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain and others. These
 countries import some 50 per cent of total Pakistani seafood export.
 The action has been taken after the government and seafood exporters
 approached these countries for duty reduction as European buyers had cut
 the prices of Pakistani seafood species after September 11.
 The seafood exports from Pakistan declined by 10 per cent in the first
 four months of the current fiscal compared to last year chiefly because
 of Sept 11.
 The Federal Bureau of Statistics says that July-October 2001 seafood
 exports from Pakistan stands at $51.818m compared to $57.663m in the
 preceding year.
 The prices of large shrimp decreased by $2 a kilo while those for
 small-size kiddi (PUD) slipped by 10 cents after Sept 11.
 Large-sized shrimp, which was exported at $16.50 a kilo, is now being
 sold at $14.50 a kilo. In terms of value, shrimps account for 50 per
 cent of total Pakistan's seafood export.
 Khan said other importers of Pakistani seafood like the US, China, Japan
 and South East Asian countries were raising prices of several products
 to the previous level and it was hoped that the rates would stabilise
 soon. -Internews


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