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Musharraf & Maleeha In List of Top 77 Changing World

Washington Jan 05, 2002 (NNI) President Pervez Musharraf and Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi – only  two from Pakistan – have been included in a list of 77 world figures who are  changing the world. The list has been selected and published by the
Washington Post in the latest, New Year issue of Newsweek.

It is interesting that in the survey published by Newsweek, Indian Prime
Minister Vajpayee has been listed at 71, whereas President Musharraf is
shown as the 19th influential world leader. Vajpayee is seen as “a vocal
critic of Pakistan’s support for Muslims in Kashmir, a mostly Muslim region
over which the two nations have fought two wars since 1947.”

The article accompanying the list describes President Musharraf as “outgoing
and cosmopolitan but precise and blunt” noting that he is “a professional
soldier who led a military coup that took control of the nuclear power that
borders Afghanistan.”

Other statesmen listed are US Secretary of State Colin Powell, US Defence
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice,
Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,
King Abdullah of Jordan, former King Zahir Shah, Interim Prime Minister of
Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, Uzbekistan President Ismail Karimov, UN Secretary
General Kofi Annan, UN Special Envoy on Afghanistan Lakhdar Brahimi, UNHCR
Ruud Lubbers, US Central Command Head Tommy Franks, and CIA Director George Tenet.

The collage of photographs of 77 personalities displayed in Newsweek
reflects the intense international diplomacy that followed the September 11
attacks. While identifying key-actors, the role of only two diplomats –
Maleeha Lodhi and Prince Bandar Bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia – has been
considered critical in the fast changing world politics.

The entry on Maleeha Lodhi reads: “Handpicked from the realm of journalism
by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to be Pakistan’s chief diplomat in
Washington from 1994 to 1997. Returned in 1999 to represent Pakistan’s new
government.” In a lighter vein, it notes “(Maleeha Lodhi) has a thing for

Lodhi, who made frequent appearances on US and international media networks
after September 11, has become a familiar figure in the US.

Lodhi was cited by Time Magazine in 1994 as one of 100 people in the world –
the only one from Pakistan  -- who will help define the 21st century.


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