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President MusharrafPresident's Message on The Occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day
Feb 5th 2002

The observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day on the 5th of February 2002 is
not a ritualistic reiteration of moral, political and diplomatic support for
the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir. Instead it reaffirms our
unwavering commitment as one of the parties to the dispute to play our role
for the implementation of the U.N. Security Council resolutions and the
promises made both by India and Pakistan to enable the people of Jammu and
Kashmir to exercise their right to determine their own future in a free and
fair environment. By observing Kashmir Solidarity Day every year Pakistan
not only renews its pledge to implement the U.N. resolutions and to deliver
on its own commitments in that regard, but also reminds the international
community, specially India, of their obligations towards the people of Jammu
and Kashmir.
It is unfortunate that India has reneged on its promises and is trying to
mislead the world community by projecting the indigenous struggle of the
Kashmiri people, as terrorism. If the people of Kashmir have been forced to
take up arms against Indian occupation forces during the past decade or so,
it is India which is to be blamed for this. No self respecting people can be
expected to remain unmoved while their families and friends are being
killed, tortured and gang raped, their houses burnt down, their business
destroyed and humiliation of the worst kind heaped upon them through the
instrument of state terrorism. The fact that 700,000 Indian soldiers have
not been able to crush the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris despite killing
more than 70,000 Kashmiri people, should be enough of an eye opener for
every one.
To day Kashmir has become a flash point threatening regional stability and
global peace. Pakistan is doing what it can, to persuade India to enter into
meaningful negotiations with Pakistan to resolve this long-standing dispute.
We have said repeatedly that Pakistan wants tension-free relations with
India and for that purpose desires to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute
and all other outstanding issues through peaceful means. I take this
opportunity to once again urge the Indian leadership to sit with us at the
negotiating table. Let there be no doubt that Pakistan will continue to
extend full diplomatic political and moral support to the Kashmiri people in
their just struggle for their right determine their own future.
Let us start a new journey of peace and friendship in the interest of our
people who deserve a better deal. The solution of the Kashmir problems would
enable us to divert our scarce resources to improve the lot of our people.
Above all we owe it to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to allow them to
exercise their birth right of self determination. No people can be kept in
perpetual bondage against their will. The sooner India realises it, the
better it would be for everyone. We also owe it to our future generations to
bequeath to them an environment in which they can live in peace for the good
of the people, the region and the whole world. Pakistan is prepared and
ready to contribute to this process".


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