ARCHIVES FROM 17TH Oct. 2001 - 26th Oct. 2001

From 17th Oct. - 26th Oct. 2001

All the news are being provided with the sole purpose of keeping the Overseas Pakistani Community informed as quickly as possible without any hindrance

26th Oct. 2001 France assures support to Pakistan in meeting economic challenges
26th Oct. 2001 Japan discontinues the measures taken in response to the nuclear testing by Pakistan
26th Oct. 2001 Pakistan presents resolution on nuclear peace at UN
26th Oct. 2001 PIA sets its eyes on buying four brand new Boeing 777s
26th Oct. 2001  Welcome World Bank aid for Pakistan to waylay debts
25th Oct. 2001 Shaukat Aziz holds talks with Algerian Finance, Foreign Ministers
25th Oct. 2001 Saudi Arabia, Pakistan to stand together to face challenges collectively
25th Oct. 2001 Pakistan to build three more nuclear power plants
25th Oct. 2001  Imran Khan suggests new veto-less UN, world court to end terrorism
25th Oct. 2001 Pakistan perks for power stealers
25th Oct. 2001 Musharraf outsmarts Indian leadership on current crisis: AJK President
25th Oct. 2001 Saudi FM, Turkish President due in Islamabad on Thursday German Chancellor will arrive on Sunday
25th Oct. 2001 India must show political determination for resumption of dialogue: FO
24th Oct. 2001  Pakistan outlines economic relief it wants in lieu of supporting
 anti-terror efforts
24th Oct. 2001 Pak Embassy resents hate crime against Pak citizen in Washington
24th Oct. 2001 10 things to know about anthrax
24th Oct. 2001 Cash award to ASF and CAA official
24th Oct. 2001 Injustice gives birth to violent tendencies: Musharraf
24th Oct. 2001 Pakistani rock band set to rock UN General Assembly
24th Oct. 2001 British Council to hold IELTS, PLAB tests
24th Oct. 2001 Afghan groups to chalk out future Afghan set up on Wednesday
24th Oct. 2001 Pakistan urges Muslim Ummah to held rebuild Afghanistan
24th Oct. 2001 Pakistan hopes for bilateral loan write-offs worth $15 billion
24th Oct. 2001 President Preside Over Special Session of National Command Authority
24th Oct. 2001 Pakistan Railways out of red, on track for profits
23rd Oct. 2001

Musharraf calls for broad-based Afghan govt (Full Story) Calls for Indo-Pak dialogue

23rd Oct. 2001 Stop hurling threats, Musharraf tells India
22nd Oct. 2001 White Americans beat Pak journalist
22nd Oct. 2001 India asked not to undertake any misadventure
22nd Oct. 2001 Kashmir varsity teachers banned from talking to the press
22nd Oct. 2001 Pakistan first in South Asia to have 'political parks'
22nd Oct. 2001 Pakistan hiring 700 special sleuths to solve growing crimes
22nd Oct. 200 US working on plan for Pakistan’s debt relief: Official
22nd Oct. 2001 New anti-money laundering law in Pakistan
22nd Oct. 2001 US commandoes not being airlifted from Pakistan, says govt
22nd Oct. 2001 New Islamic local govt bans sale of liquor in Karachi
22nd Oct. 2001 US aware of Pak industrialist problems: Alan Larson
21st Oct. 2001 Prevalence of Justice all over the world could end terrorism - Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi
21st Oct. 2001 ADBP recovers Rs. 3755.835 million in first quarter
21st Oct. 2001 Annan proposes Musharraf’s address to the UNGA
21st Oct. 2001 Pakistan’s forex reaches $3.5b: Minister
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistan set to receive major economic relief package from US
20th Oct. 2001 United States, Pakistan sign $30 million agreement
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistan to suffer $10 billion loss
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistan set to sack unmerited 300 consultants
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistan-India tensions ratchet up at heated Kashmir border
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistani girl's moving explanation of Islam read out in US Senate
20th Oct. 2001 Studies show 15m people in Pakistan harboring hepatitis virus
20th Oct. 2001 Major surge in Pakistanis heading for jobs in Gulf region
20th Oct. 2001 Conspiracy unearthed to prove Osama’s presence in Pakistan
20th Oct. 2001 Bukhari slams US double standards on terrorism
20th Oct. 2001 Britain trying to reduce Indo-Pak tension: Blair
20th Oct. 2001 ‘No ground operation from Pakistan’: FO
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistani court says it can't declare people heroes or traitors
20th Oct. 2001 Murderer to pay blood money in instalments!
20th Oct. 2001 Victory will require building what comes next for Afghanistan
20th Oct. 2001 Pakistani students to participate in Unilever international art contest
19th Oct. 2001 Pakistan opens official 'War Book' to gear for crisis
19th Oct. 2001 Relative calm prevails along LOC despite reports of LMG fire: FO
19th Oct. 2001 US grants $ 50 million in aid to Pakistan
19th Oct. 2001 87% Water in Rawalpindi, 75% in Islamabad unfit for human consumption: Study
19th Oct. 2001 Agitation not the solution of any problem: Gillani
19th Oct. 2001 Bin Laden alive and well
19th Oct. 2001 Kashmir Citizen Forum criticizes the partial US behavior towards Kashmir
19th Oct. 2001 Accountability Court sentences Islamuddin Sheikh 14 years RI, fined Rs. 162.89 m
19th Oct. 2001 Rumsfeld explains US military action to Muslim World
19th Oct. 2001 Pak-India DGMOs discuss border situation
19th Oct. 2001 Pakistanis hoarding dollars in hordes to profit after crisis
19th Oct. 2001 Pakistanis turning against US: Imran Khan
18th Oct. 2001 No talks with Pakistan if the former considers Kashmir core issue: Vajpayee
18th Oct. 2001 Mortar gun ‘salute to Powell’ could have unpredictable fallout
18th Oct. 2001 Diplomats asked to stay put in Islamabad
18th Oct. 2001 Resolution of Afghan crisis impossible without accepting realities: Aslam Beg
18th Oct. 2001 India asked not to muddy the waters in and around Kashmir like a spoilt brat
18th Oct. 2001 Indian Prime Minister to visit US
18th Oct. 2001 Half of Germans fear new world war: Poll
18th Oct. 2001 Immediate talks on Kashmir would prove meaningless: Indian Minister
18th Oct. 2001 Pakistan identifies 3,000 serious criminals for crackdown
18th Oct. 2001 Business community urged to capitalize potential, support national interests
18th Oct. 2001 Pakistan says India moves troops, relocates air force
18th Oct. 2001 PTCL takes steps for total reliability of internet system
18th Oct. 2001 Pakistanis switching savings to govt schemes from private banks
18th Oct. 2001 Bin Laden sought votes for Sharif to oust Bhutto, reveals Pakistani
17th Oct. 2001 Changes in Pakistan Army meant to secure control of nukes
17th Oct. 2001 Pakistan orders 75 suspect NGOs to pack up
17th Oct. 2001 Chaudry Mukhtar supports Musharraf’s decision
17th Oct. 2001 APHC chairman welcomes Powell’s statement as realistic
17th Oct. 2001 Pakistan major sufferer of war on Afghanistan By IMRAN KHAN
17th Oct. 2001 Anti-US demonstrations rock Valley again: strike cripples normal life
17th Oct. 2001 Transcript: Powell, Musharraf Press Conference

NEWS provided by Press section Consulate General of Pakistan Jeddah

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