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01st Dec. 2001 Qualifications Awarded By CPSP Superior to FRCS & MRCP
27th Nov. 2001 Chinese Vice FM Calls on President Pervez
20th Nov. 2001 Federal Cabinet Meets
20th Nov. 2001 President Condoles The Death King of Malaysia
17th Nov. 2001 Pakistan says cosying up with West will not affect ties with China
17th Nov. 2001 Pakistan launching new housing schemes for low-income groups
17th Nov. 2001 Sincere Efforts Being Made to Steer Country out of Tribulation - President
15th Nov. 2001 UNDP Committed US$131 Million For 24 New Projects
15th Nov. 2001 US House of Representatives praises Musharraf
15th Nov. 2001 Pakistan's creditors to bridge $3.2 billion financing gap
15th Nov. 2001 Pakistan condemns Promulgation of Indian POTO
13th Nov. 2001 Reserved university seats for ward of non-resident Pakistanis
13th Nov. 2001 Traditional Pakistani cuisine in demand in China
11th Nov. 2001 The world must not trample upon the genuine rights, aspirations and urges of the people President's UNO speech Transcript
9th Nov. 2001 IMF supports single currency exchange rate in Pakistan
9th Nov. 2001 Pakistan gas supply to rise by one-thirds next year
8th Nov. 2001 Prime Minister of Norway to visit Oslo mosque
8th Nov. 2001 Pakistan to help define 'terrorism' at UN meet
7th Nov. 2001 Musharraf's US trip in troubled times seen as sign of growing strength
7th Nov. 2001 Six Agreements of US$265 Million Signed between Pakistan and UAE
7th Nov. 2001 ECC reviews Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)
6th Nov. 2001 Musharraf off to 3-nation tour this week
6th Nov. 2001v Pakistan plans cheaper education to lure foreign students
6th Nov. 2001 Pakistan to cut down federal ministries to size
5th Nov. 2001 Musharraf to focus on Kashmir dispute at UN
5th Nov. 2001 Coming visit of world's best-known dissenter excites Pakistan
5th Nov. 2001 New Islamic year to herald model seminaries in Pakistan
3rd Nov. 2001 Ex-US official admits that resisting occupation is not terrorism
3rd Nov. 2001 MPs call for UK arms embargo on Israel
3rd Nov. 2001 Kashmir a nuclear flash-point: Khalida Zia
3rd Nov. 2001 Pakistan rejects Indian propaganda
3rd Nov. 2001

K.C Pant's Statement Baseless F.O Spokesman

3rd Nov. 2001

Intellectuals Should Come Forward for National Solidarity and Integrity

1st Nov. 2001 Vajpayee set to meet Musharraf in Kathmandu
1st Nov. 2001 Pakistan can play useful role in political settlement of Afghan problem: France
1st Nov. 2001 Kashmiri leaders asks India to hearken world calls about Kashmir situation, shun rigidity
1st Nov. 2001 Some Pakistani businesses see opportunities in war
1st Nov. 2001 Pakistani software firms slashing staffs by 20 per cent
1st Nov. 2001 Pakistan set to save $1 billion on Gulf oil import bill
31st Oct. 2001 Indonesia expresses solidarity with Pakistan
31st Oct. 2001 Annan wants U.S.-led air strikes in Afghanistan to end soon
31st Oct. 2001 Pak armed forces alive to situation along LOC: Qureshi
31st Oct. 2001 Pak n-weapons in 'safe' hands: India
30th Oct. 2001 No pre-conditions for financial assistance: Shaukat
30th Oct. 2001 Bush lifts last sanctions imposed on Pakistan
30th Oct. 2001 Pakistan set to become largest recipient of US aid after Israel, Egypt
30th Oct. 2001 Pakistan seeks to reschedule its entire $12.5 billion bilateral debt
30th Oct. 2001 Conditions conducive for Gulf-based NRPs to remit money through banks
30th Oct. 2001 Pakistan categorically rejects 'New Yorker' report
30th Oct. 2001 Schroeder favours resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue
30th Oct. 2001 India, Pak playing games along LoC: UN Observer
30th Oct. 2001 US denies working with Israel to take out Pakistan's nuclear weapons
30th Oct. 2001 Pakistan poised to become organic king of the world: report
30th Oct. 2001 Bhawalpur tragedy an act of terrorism: Spokesman
30th Oct. 2001 U.S Commander-In-Chief (CENTCOM) Calls on President
27th Oct. 2001 Incentives for exporters announced
27th Oct. 2001 Pakistan to free nuclear scientists after no evidence of links to al Qaeda found
27th Oct. 2001 US devising long term plans for Pakistan's prosperity
27th Oct. 2001 Musharraf to consult politicians on latest developments
27th Oct. 2001

Musharraf Concerned About War's Progress, Pakistani President Fears 'Anarchy and Atrocity' If Taliban Fall

27th Oct. 2001 Asian Group for U.N. Security Council Endorses Pakistan's Candidature
27th Oct. 2001 Pakistan wants US to pay $8m a month airline losses due to military air  strikes
27th Oct. 2001 Kashmiri observe Black to reject Indian military occupation of their motherland
27th Oct. 2001 President for peaceful co-existence with neighbors
27th Oct. 2001 US devising long term plans for Pakistan's prosperity
27th Oct. 2001 Govt to set up special fund to extend financial support to laid off workers: Minister

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