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Spokeswoman rejects Kofi Annan said UN resolution on Kashmir not binding

New York June 5 (SANA) Thers is confusion abound in Indian diplomatic circles and they are not sure what to say in regarding the present tension between Pakistan and India and senior Indian diplomates are making contradictory statements.

Mansing the Indian Ambassador in Washington in his  interview with Fox news TV on Sunday said the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan during his visit to the  region in March 2001commented on 1948 Kashmir resolution and said “ this resolution can't be implemented. It's a non-binding resolution. You can't revive a document which is 50 years old” .  

It has been widely misquoted as the SG saying that a referendum in Kashmir was no longer applicable said UN Spokeswoman Huanjiang officiating UN Spokesman Fred Eckhard who is traveling with UNSG Kofi Annan.

She said it is weird,  Secretary General  can never term a UNSC resolution as
non-binding. I believe this  is the source of the misunderstanding.

That was not what he said at all, said Huanji She said as you can see On 10 March 2001, he was asked by a journalist in Islamabad if the UN would be interested to implement its resolutions as it implemented in East Timor ? The Secretary General  replied "I think the UN resolutions on Kashmir are on record and the UN has observers in the region. We have UNMOGIP. In fact, the Chief Military Observer is here.

Secretary General said "You are comparing apples and oranges" When it comes to implementation of resolutions, I think we have to be clear here. The UN has two types of resolutions -- enforcement resolutions under Chapter VII and other resolutions. The resolution you are referring to here  comes under Chapter VI,  which require cooperation of both parties to get implemented. the two parties discussing these issues and finding a peaceful way is the route I recommend.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has said the UN will not disengage itself from Kashmir problem. According to the UN Charter any resolutions approved under chapter VI , it is the duty of UN Member States to puruade both the parties for a dialogue.  On record the UN and its member States  are  no doubt fully complying with the UN Charter and persuading both Pakistan and India for bilateral dialogue.

It may be pointed out that the Kashmir Plebiscite  UNSC Resolution text was drafted by India, lobbied by India and all the five permanent UN Security Council members including United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France unanimously voted for the resolution, but ignoring to say a word to India for not abiding by the approved resolution. Interestingly in a White House press briefing on July 4.1999 a senior U.S official termed UNSC Kashmir plebiscite Resolution  an “Old history”.

Ironically  it is India who itself have witheld their own lobbied resolution for the last 54 years and on top is not ready for a dialogue with Pakistan,  nor agree  for a third party mediation.

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