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The Second Issue- May 2002
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“We are now all Pakistanis and as Pakistanis, we must feel behave and act and we should be proud to be known as Pakistanis and nothing else.”
Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
15 June, 1948

Embassy of Pakistan
P.O.Box. 94007, Riyadh 11693
Tel: 488-4111, 488-4222, 488-4666, 488-7272 Fax: 488-7953

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  A few words from Ambassador Lt. Gen (Retd.) M. Asad Durrani

We have been pleasantly encouraged by the response to our first Newsletter issued in March 2002. We hope that this Newsletter will continue to provide our community with useful information and we look forward to receiving views from our community to make the newsletter more effective. Information on various services provided by the Embassy is being repeated in this issue for ease of reference.
With the referendum behind us, I would like to thank all of you who have taken an interest by participating in this event. More so, for the fact that perfect order was maintained during the polling which is a credit to our community and would not have gone unnoticed by our Saudi hosts. Lt. Gen (Retd.) M. Asad Durrani

 News from Pakistan

President Pervez Musharraf’s post-referendum address (5 April): The President said that he would honour all promises he made to the nation and pledged to continue with the reforms process and set up a genuine democracy that is in consonance with Islamic virtues. “The process of accountability would continue,” the President declared and promised a real democracy that is in line with the Islamic tenets. “The base of such democracy has already been laid in the form of local government system.” “Poverty alleviation and elimination of backwardness will always remain our top most priority,” he said. The President vowed to step up efforts for restoring peace and intensify battle against terrorism. Referring to the referendum, the President said Referendum was not anyone’s defeat or victory, “It is a success of the people and the system of reforms.” The majority, which, he said, normally remained on the sidelines, have expressed their opinion this time. General elections on schedule in October: Federal Minister for Information and Media Development, Nisar Memon, reiterated on 12 May that general elections in the country will be held as per schedule in October. The Minister said that first there will be the constitutional amendments followed by an election schedule announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Regarding the age of 18 years for voting, the Minister said that NADRA was working on such a list. The eligibility of those who have attained the age of 18 as voters in the coming general election would be effective       after the constitutional amendment in this respect.
Pakistan, Afghanistan resume flights: The air service between
Pakistan and Afghanistan was resumed when an Ariana airline plane landed at Islamabad International Airport on 12 May to mark the resumption of commercial flights. The air service to Pakistan was suspended in 1979 following the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. PIA will operate one flight weekly basis on Saturday while Ariana will operate its flight on every Sunday.

Shaukat rules out free trade with India without resolving Kashmir issue: Responding to remarks by the Indian Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha, that countries in Asia should resume bilateral trade, setting aside their differences, Shaukat Aziz said it would not be possible, as the Indian government is still not prepared to resolve the Kashmir issue, which is a major irritant in normalization of their bilateral ties. The Finance Ministers of the two countries were jointly presiding over a seminar held here to discuss new trade opportunities in Asia, on the occasion of 35th session of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Shangai on 12 May. Later, talking to APP, Aziz said Pakistan wished peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue through dialogue. He regretted that Indian leadership is not coming to the negotiating table, ignoring the peace initiatives offered by President Pervez Musharraf. Aziz said, in terms of relations with India, Pakistan believes that in today’s world, there is a need to settle the issues through discussion and dialogue and movement of forces is not solution to the problem.
2002 – The Year of Iqbal: As a tribute to the poet philosopher, the Government of Pakistan has declared 2002 as “Iqbal Year”. The Pakistani community in the Kingdom may commemorate the Year by holding poetic recitals and lectures in Arabic and Urdu to honour the vision and thought of the poet philosopher. Schools may also mark the event with specific events. 

Daylight Saving Time: Daylight saving time has been introduced in Pakistan with clocks being advanced by one hour on the night of Saturday 6 April 2002. All clocks will be put back by one hour on the night of Saturday 5 October 2002 i.e. 12:00 midnight (2400 hours) will become 11:00 pm (2300 hours).

Economic Issues 
Pakistani Exports to the Kingdom: Pakistan’s export to the Kingdom during July to February 2002 increased to US$ 217 million from US$ 179.5 million. It is an increase of US$ 37.8 million in value and 21.08 in percentage as compared to the same period of previous financial year. 

GITEX: Pakistan Software Export Board, Ministry of Science & Technology along with 10 leading IT companies participated in Gitex Exhibition at Riyadh from 21-25 April 2002. Visitors to the Exhibition took great interest in Pakistani pavilion and the Pakistani businessmen were able to sign contracts and Memorandums of Understanding with the local businessmen. 

Prince Naif Arab Academy: Security Equipment Exhibition 2002 – 11-14 May 2002: A delegation of 22 members of 10 different companies led by Brigadier Salim Ahmed Khan Defence Export Promotion Organization participated from Pakistan in the Exhibition. 

Visit of the Delegation of Dates Growers and Exporters of Dates, Rice and Processed Food to the Kingdom: An 8-member delegation of Dates Growers and Exporters of Dates Rice and Processed Food is expected to visit the Kingdom in June 2002. 

Pak-Saudi Joint Business Council (JBC) Meeting: JBC’s first meeting, scheduled for 21st May 2002 has been postponed for the time being due to unavoidable circumstances.  

International Silk Route Festival (Gilgit:7-14 September): An International Silk Route festival is being held in the scenic Karakorum regions of Pakistan. The festival marks the international Year of the Mountains and International Year of Cultural Heritage. The festival envisages an exchange of ideas, commerce and creativity to revive economy, local produce and trade. The festival includes a Silk Route Trade Fair and Gem Expo being held concurrently. The occasion also hosts the prestigious Asia Pacific Regional Assembly of the World Crafts Council (UNESCO affiliate) at Islamabad on 16-17 September 2002. Queries can be addressed to International Festival Secretariat (Festival Director’s Office) P.O. Box 1371, Islamabad, Pakistan ph.fax +92-51-9204577; e-mail: nmufti@apollo.net.pk and virsa@isb.comsats.net.pk


   Local Events  

Referendum 2002

 The following are the consolidated figures of polling stations set up in the Kingdom on 30 April by the Embassy and the Consulate General: 





YES votes




NO   votes





School Elections 

(a)        Pakistan International School (English Section), Riyadh Elections for the selection of the Members of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Pakistan International School (English Section), Riyadh were held on the 1st of April 2002. The following were elected as the new Members of the BOD for a period of three years: 

1.         Mr. Qamar-ul-Islam

2.         Mr. Muhammad Junaid Khusro

3.         Mr. Altaf Rasool

4.        Mr. Muhammad Anis Qureshi

5.        Mr. Waseem Noor



(b)        Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar: Elections for the selection of the Members of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar were also held on the 9th May 2002. The following were elected as the new Members of the BOD for a period of three years: 

1.                   Mr. Muhammad Farhat Chaudry

2.                   Dr. Qazi Muhammad Saleem

3.                   Mr.Aftab Ahmed Sheikh

4.                   Mr.Mohammad Ramzan Saba


5.                   Mr.Bashir Ahmed Bhatti

6.                   Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Malik

7.                   Mr.Tahir Mahmood


Activities of Pakistan Embassy Ladies Club, Riyadh 

            A Pakistan Embassy Ladies Club had been working under the patronage of wife of the Ambassador of Pakistan.  In the past two years, the Embassy Ladies have organized number of activities to promote Pakistani culture and to collect funds for charity purposes. Some of the activities organized are given below: 

v                  A Pakistan food festival was held in November 2000.  The funds collected were donated to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital in Pakistan for the treatment of deserving patients.

v                  An Industrial Home for girls was established in 2001 in Pakistan International School (Nasirya) for imparting various skills.  The Industrial Home, which is running successfully, offer courses even during the summer vacations.  For further information, PIS (Nasirya), Riyadh can be contacted at 441-7979 and 441-4428. 

v                  A Charity Dinner was arranged in November 2001 and the amount collected was donated to the President’s fund to help Afghan children. 

v                  In April 2002 a family Meena Bazar was held and the money collected was sent to Pir Mohammad Tameer Millat Model School,             Bhoman Batth Gujranwala and Al-Toheed T.B. Hospital, Toba Tek Singh.  Both the institutions have been set up by the local community on self-help basis.   

v            Another branch of the Industrial Home of PIS (Nasirya), Riyadh has been established in Madressa0 Afra Binte Obaid Ansariah with the name of “Hunar Kada”, which offers courses for girls belonging to low income families having education up to 6th or 8th class.  Courses offered are in skills like house-keeping, sewing, dyeing, crocheia work, making cloth toys, decoration pieces, basket weaving as well as marketing skills and setting up small scale business.  Academic subjects like Urdu, English and Islamyat will also be taught.  These courses are offered on monthly basis including the summer vacations.  The classes are held four days a week from 0800 hours to 1130 hours.  Admission is open since 4th May, 2002.  The fee is SR.50/= per month.  Further information can be obtained at the following telephone number:

         477-9413  (1000-1300 hours),  454-7841  (1300-1700 hours),  483-1809  (1700-1900 hours) 

v            On 2nd May, 2002 a Charity Dinner was arranged for the help of Palestinians and victims of communal riots in Gujrat. 

v            The Pakistan Embassy Ladies Club also organized two cultural programmes in which Pakistan’s cultural values and traditions were introduced and promoted.  In addition, a Charity Bazar was also held and the funds collected were donated to a Saudi Charity Institutions. 





06 – 07

20 – 21

27 – 28





03 – 04

10 – 11

17 –18

31/10 – 01/11






11 – 12

25 – 26






07 – 08

14 – 15

28 – 29





29 – 30





19 – 20

26 – 27




05 – 06

12 – 13

19 – 20

26 – 27








 Admission in NUST, Cadet Colleges, Reserve Seats & Commission in the Army: 

            Those interested in admission in cadet institutions/colleges may contact the Defence Wing personally or on telephone No. 4887272 Ext – 2204. The Defence Wing may also be contacted for reserved seats in civil universities for children of serving/retired army personnel and for application forms, instructions and procedure for applying commission in the army. Candidates desirous to apply for commission are interviewed by Defence Attaché in June & December and applications are sent to General Headquarters by 10th of January & July every year. 

Addresses/Telephone Directory. 

All ranks (serving or retired) are requested to send their addresses alongwith telephone numbers, if any, for updating the said state of Armed Forces personnel on telephone 4887272 Ext. 2204.Telephone numbers of Defence Attaché and Air & Naval Attaché are as under:- 

a.         Defence Attaché-           4887932 

b.               Air & Naval Attaché  4887792


General Information


Embassy’s Timings:                


0830-1600 hours Saturday-Tuesday

0830-1530 hours Wednesday

Closed holidays:


            Thursday & Friday closed.

           Other days: 23 March, 14 August, 1-3 Shawwal, 25 December

Important contacts in the Embassy: 

a). For Consular services

Syed Ahsan Raza Shah,

Second Secretary; (Tel: 4887791)

c). For Community services:

·         Mr. Nadeem Irshad Kiyani,

     Community Welfare Officer, (Tel: 482-6473)


·       Rana Matloob Ahmad,

     Community Welfare Officer, ( Tel: 482-2507)



b). For Educational matters:

Mr. Ehsan Ullah Batth,

First Secretary, (Tel: 482-6327)


 (Timings: 0830-1130 hours; return of documents: 1500-1600 hours)


Passports/Endorsement Fees:: 

36 page passport (ordinary)    SR 127

                               (urgent)    SR 336

           (Lost case, ordinary)    SR 274

               (Lost case urgent)    SR 692

100-page passport (ordinary)      SR 338

                                  (urgent)      SR 675

               (Lost case ordinary)      SR 696

                  (Lost case urgent)     SR1370


Endorsement        (ordinary)     SR  17


Endorsement             (urgent)        SR 34


Welfare Wing


Overseas Pakistanis can contact Welfare Wing regarding the following: - 

Death compensation/dues cases, linguistic assistance in cases before labour courts, complaints, NOC for dead bodies of Pakistani nationals dues cases, where-about cases of missing Pakistanis, GOSI/Insurance cases, OPF membership Cards, Jail cases of Pakistan nationals, visit of labour camps and hospitals, issuance of Foreign Exchange Remittance Card etc.  


Pakistanis already registered with the Protectorate of Emigrants in Pakistan are insured initially for a period of two years by the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis get their contracts renewed in the Kingdom but their insurance converge lapses after two years. Government of Pakistan has launched a scheme to renew the insurance policy of such Overseas Pakistanis.  Pakistanis working in the Kingdom interested in renewal of their insurance coverage my contact Welfare Wing, Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh for further details.  


(Excerpts from Baggage Rules Chapter 6)

(33)             The provisions of this sub chapter shall apply to the import of baggage on transfer of residence.

(34)             Personal and house hold effects that may be imported:- (1) The following allowances shall be allowed on transfer of residence; namely:-

(A)    Duty free allowances:- A family on transfer of residence shall be allowed to import, or bring as accompanied or un-accompanied baggage, the following items duty free namely;

(i)       An item which was exported from Pakistan is being re-imported subject to satisfactory identification;

(ii)     In case of a qualified person, equipment, instrument, apparatus required up to C&F value of seven hundred US dollars;

(iii)    Two personal computers or laptop computers alongwith printers, monitors, keyboards, mousses and cables thereof; and

(iv)    Old and used furniture or fixture, cutlery, crockery, kitchen, utensils, rugs, carpets, household linen, reading or writing aids and other duty free goods including electrical items other than those which are compulsorily taxable.


(B)                Concessional duty allowances;- A family on transfer of residence shall be allowed either or to purchase free of duty and taxes locally manufactured two air conditioners, two refrigerators or deep freezers from Duty Free Shop outlets on payment in Pak currency or in foreign exchange or to import the following items on payment of concessional rate of customs duty specified in column(3) of the table below:-



Description of items

Customs duty


One air conditioner

One half of the statutory duty


One refrigerator or one deep freezer

One half of the statutory duty

 (C)                Dutiable allowances; a family on transfer of residence shall be allowed to import the following items on payment of customs duly and other taxes, namely:-

(i)                   Washing machine, television, one item each per family. Set, sewing machine, video Cassette recorder or player, cooking range.

(ii)         Second hand air conditioner.      One

(iii)                Weapon of non-prohibited bore. One.

 Where a passenger on his arrival in Pakistan makes declaration in the requisite form obtainable from the Customs that he has unaccompanied baggage to follow, the exemption under these rules in respect of goods in the accompanying baggage of the passenger shall also apply to such unaccompanied baggage. 

(35)  Restrictions:- Nothing in rule 34 shall be deemed to permit the import of any construction material, parlour video games and parts thereof or other articles of stock in trade. 

(36)     Condonations:- 

1.       If a family has not availed concessions under these rules during the last two years, the short visits to Pakistan up to total period of four months shall be ignored. If the total period of short visits exceeds four months, the Collector of Customs may condone the period on sufficient justification being shown to him.

2.       If a family comes to Pakistan for permanent residence after a stay abroad of less than two years, due to privilege leave or for reasons beyond its control, such as exigencies of service, earlier recall by employer, ill health or bereavement, and concessions under these rules have not been availed during the last two years, an officers of customs not below the rank of Assistant Collector of Customs may condone the shortfall in two years period up to a period of two months.

3.       Late shipment or late arrival of un-accompanied baggage for a maximum period of sixty days may be condoned by the Collector of Customs for reasons to be recorded in writing. 

www.pak-sauditrade.com.  , 
www.pak.gov.pk  ,  www.forisb.org  .  www.opf.gov.pk


Note: The Pakistani community’s suggestions to improve The Pakistan Embassy Newsletter are welcome.



Note: The Pakistani community’s suggestions to improve The Pakistan Embassy Newsletter are welcome