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    Ice cream Sundae
   1 2 3 Ants
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   Animal time
   Seaseme Street here we come !







          Animal world

Animals are cool. They make all kinds of funny noises.
Some walk on 2 legs and have feathers and some walk on 4 legs and have fir.
You want to hear some animal sounds click on the the one you want below.I add more every week:
Cow    Lion  Bat

Meet my pets.
You want more? You can download a computer cat just click on Sassy my cat.
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The file is in Zip format so you might want to download Winzip first.





You can also see the fact of the week:
I will put one every week. So don't miss them!!!

seal.jpg (8292 bytes)  Southern Elephant Seal


Scientific Name: Mirounga leonina
Home: The rocky shores of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands,
Description: Huge fourton, silvery-skinned, sea mammals with stout squared-off head, a small trunk-like nose, and flippers.