Our Services

(i) Services Matters/Laws:-

Cases relating to appointment of persons to and the terms and conditions of service of persons in the service of Pakistan or appointment of persons to the service of Pakistan in connection with the affairs of the Provincial Service, and the matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto. For service in provincial chapter, the incumbent or aggrieved Civil Servant will seek his remedy from the Provincial Service Tribunals. In case of Civil Servant working with Government of Pakistan or corporation or semi government bodies etc. controlled by the Government of Pakistan the remedy would lie before the Federal Service Tribunal. However, in case of Appeal emanating from both the Provincial and Federal Service Tribunal, the Apex Court i.e. Supreme Court of Pakistan is the Appellate Forum.
(ii) Labour Laws:-
Labours working with different private departments, companies, organizations, etc can seek redressal of their grievance first from the Labour Courts and thereafter by filing Constitution Petition in the High Court and in last before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, for Union or for any industrial dispute, the remedy of aggrieved person lie before the National Industrial Relations Commission (N.I.R.C) of Pakistan. Appeal against the Judgment of N.I.R.C. first lies before the Full Bench of N.I.R.C., then High Court and lastly before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

(iii) Rent Laws:-
To regulate relations between the landlords and tenant and to protect their interests in respect of the rented premises Rent Laws have been enacted. The dispute can be referred to Rent Controllers and in Appeal before the District Judge concerned.
Constitutional Petitions before the High Court can also be preferred against the Judgments of District Judges. Final Appellate Forum is again the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
(iv) Family Laws:-
For settlement and disposal of disputes relating to marriage and family affairs for matter connected therewith Family Laws have been framed and different Family Courts are functioning all over the Pakistan. The disputes e.g. matrimonial, guardianship, divorce, khula, dowery articles, dower amount, restitution of conjugal rights and etc. can be raised before the Civil Family Courts, District Judge, High Court and in last before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
(v) Civil Suits:-
Civil Suits can be filed before the Senior Civil Judge, District Judge, High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan (in case of inter-provincial suits). High Court has pecuniary jurisdiction of Rs.3 Million or more and for amount less than Rs.3 Million suits can be filed before the Senior Civil Judge.
(vi) Criminal Law:-
Besides the High Courts and the Courts constituted under any law other than the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898, there are following Courts in Pakistan for trial and disposal of criminal cases:
i) Court of Sessions
ii) Courts of Magistrates, etc.
In every case final appellate authority is the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Bail Applications can be filed before the trial court. However, bail before arrest or anticipatory bail can be granted by the High Courts. After rejection of bail from the trial Court, High Court can be approached and in case of trial in High Court the remedy would be before the Supreme Court. Supreme Court is the final appellate authority.
We provide services in above spheres. We regularly appear in Courts/Tribunals in Pakistan and render opinions as well.