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Apricot Balls
Halawa Mishmish  


-1 pound natural soft dried apricots, not sweetened
- 1 cup sugar
- 30 shelled pistachios to decorate, or chopped pistachio for stuffing

1. Place the apricot in a food processor or blender and blend them to a smooth paste, adding a very little water, if necessary. (Do not wash the apricot before blending.)
2. Wet your hands or grease them with a little oil. Place a small amount of apricot paste in the centre of your palm and shape into a walnut-sized ball.
3. Roll them in sugar and press a pistachio on the top of each ball.
4. Alternatively: Indent the centre of each apricot ball with your thumb and press a little of the chopped pistachio into it. fold the sides and reshape into a smooth ball, then roll in sugar. Repeat with remaining paste.
Makes about 40