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Cooking with B.J

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Pakistani Cuisine
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Arabian Cuisine


a.jpg (651 bytes)  Almond Pancakes
Lahooh Bel Loaz
a.jpg (651 bytes) Apricot Balls
Halawa Mishmish
a.jpg (651 bytes) Baklava
a.jpg (651 bytes) Coconut Dates
Tumr Bel Nargine
a.jpg (651 bytes) Dates With Sesame Seeds
Tumr Bel Simsim

a.jpg (651 bytes) Figs In Syrup

a.jpg (651 bytes) Stuffed Prunes
a.jpg (651 bytes) Sweet Dumplings

a.jpg (651 bytes) Mamool
Mamool Bel Tumr
a.jpg (651 bytes) Mamool (1)
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