Lips Tips!
A special by our Content Manager

colour taming: Lessen the strength of a dark or bright lipstick or lip pencil with an overcoat of lip gloss.

dot - dot - dash: To get an even line with lip pencil, draw two dots at the upper lip's bow, a dash across bottom of lower lip, then connect all three around the lip line. 

lipstick creep/bleed: Start with de-flake, smooth dry spots and prevent lip-clour from bleeding. Because the mouth area is the second driest area after eyes, little vertical mouth lines can occur and cause lipstick creep. Prevent dryness by increasing moisture around mouth at night. Use a long wear lipstick  to keep colour in tact. Help prevent feathering by using an all-over base of quickliner for lips. 

lipstick fade: To make lipstick really last, outline and fill entire lip surface with base coat of lip pencil to prevent colour-bleed, give lipstick longer wear and more interesting depth and texture. Drier matte texture helps lipstick hold tight. 

lipstick on glasses, cups: To keep lipstick from coming off on your glass, blot away all moisture after the initial application. Re-apply, blot once more. Try a transfer-resistant formula.

minimizing full lips: If you want to make lips appear smaller, use concealer over natural lip line. Line just inside natural lip line. Fill in new lip shape with lipstick. 

rough/chapped: First, exfoliate dry, rough layer with some scrub cream, gently applied. Then apply any lip treatments. Blot or rub in and apply lipstick. 

thin lips: If you want to make lips appear fuller outline lips just outside natural lip line. Fill in new lip shape with pencil lipstick or a lip shaping pencil for precision and perfect colour. 

uneven lips: If one lip is thinner and you want to make lips appear balanced, outline thinner lip just outside natural lip line. Line fuller lips along natural lipline. Fill in new lip shape with lipstick.