Oily Skin Tips !
A special by our Content Manager

blackheads: Try a warm, wet face cloth as a sauna to soften and release blackheads. Use a grainy scrub on a regular basis, such as 7 Day Scrub Cream to clear pores and prevent clogging. For oil-control too, pamper yourself with Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask. 

troubled skin: Look for "oil-free"and "non-clogging" on skin care, makeup, and sun product labels. Resist the temptation to camouflage blemishes with heavy makeup bases. Stick to oil-free, oil-absorbing foundations. Instead of spot covering with concealers which can clog, dab on Anti-Acne Control Formula. And face powder to absorb oil. 

help reduce shine: Blot oil with a tissue before touching up with powder. Apply Sheer Matteness T-Zone Shine Control before makeup for oil control and salicylic acid benefits. Dab on throughout the day, over makeup, if needed. 

instant shine-stopping: Dip Blended Face Powder's swivel-out brush into loose powder several times, twist back into case, and stow in purse for an instant shine-stopping matte finish during the day. 
keeping a matte finish Put on a coat of Blended Face Powder after makeup base and then again after all other colour has been applied. 

large pores: Exfoliate with a grainy scrub, such as 7 Day Scrub Cream to keep pores clear, unclogged. Diminish and de-shine with Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask. Downplay with a pore minimizing makeup, and a powder rubdown (see next tip.) 

powder rubdown: To give face a smooth, matte, flawless finish, pour loose face powder into palms. Rub hands together lightly and wash powder thoroughly over face. Dust off excess with powder brush. 

Products discussed and recommended above are just for suggestion and are from Clinaque Counter. Any other brand could be used instead.