Eye 2 Eye
A special by our Content Manager

The way we approach cosmetics in this age could not be more different from ten or twenty years ago. Back then you had one color for the eyes, another for the
lips -- and you would never consider mixing or switching the two. Nowadays, makeup is more about  subtle enhancement and playing with contours than a
lacquered red mouth that says 'don't come too close.' We aren't turning to makeup to mask our true selves, but looking for ways to have fun and adorn the faces we were born with... in the shortest amount of time possible. In celebration of this free-form, 'anything goes' approach, here are some alternate uses for some old standbys; after all, why buy two when the one you have will do?

* ROSY BLUSH -- Have you been noticing all the rosy-pink faces on the pages of your favorite fashion magazines? This is one of the simplest looks to achieve, and all you need to do is go a little wild with
the blush. Presumably you've found a color that works with your complexion, so all you need to do now is extend it upwards! Accent your eyelid with several layers of color, paying extra attention to the brow bone and crease, then travel toward your temples with a fluffy brush.

* LIPSTICK -- In the warmer months when you want sheer color on your face, lipstick acts as a fantastic cheek stain! If you're already golden from the sun, try a bronze shade; if you've been devotedly applying the SPF 15, try a sheer pink or coral lipstick for an innocent bloom of color.