One Minute Please
A special by our Content Manager

Has the new year got you yearning for a new look?
Most people don't realize how simple it is to achieve. With just a small adjustment to your lips or brows or whatever, you can give off an entirely different vibe, going from serious to playful by substituting rosy gloss for your earth-toned lipstick, or getting romantic by skipping the heavy eyeliner and highlighting the eye area with shimmery shadow. And that's just to name two. Here are some feature-by-feature tips to help you get to know the new you ... fast.

Many women think of their skin as something they need to hide with cover-up and foundation. However, most of us would benefit from the 'less is more' approach, as heavy base can dull the face and deplete our natural glow. This time, why not blend a few drops of foundation into your moisturizer and apply concealer only where you need it? Follow up with powder on shine-prone areas; gently dab  rusty-looking areas with a cosmetic sponge spritzed with mineral water or toner.

Has the recent craze for pink blush got you feeling
confused or looking just a tad too apple-cheeked? What many have seemingly forgotten is that blush can also be used to shade and contour the face. Choose a rosy brown shade that resembles a natural shadow falling on your skin, and sweep it beneath cheekbones and chin and from the temples into the hairline with a large soft brush. Voila! Angles. That shade can also be rubbed into the eyelid to emphasize the brow bone.